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Publisher and Director of Publications and Education

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Publisher and Director of Publications and Education

Job Title: Publisher and Director of Publications and Education
Date: August 2, 2017
Department: Publications and Education
Reports to: Executive Vice President


Overall Purpose of Position:

This position creates value for the association by identifying business opportunities and managing processes and people that create the products and services associated with those opportunities. By serving as the business head of a publishing enterprise that encompasses books, periodicals, electronic media and professional development resources, the position obtains and manages intellectual property and oversees manufacturing and distribution of products, guiding intermediary functions between authors and consuming markets including sales, licensing, permissions and translations.

Overall Purpose of Department:

The Publishing and Education Department executes the association’s mission through application of established publishing practices coupled with processes that respect volunteer engagement, build technical authority, and contribute to the association’s larger purpose of serving humankind. The department’s work encompasses book and standards publishing, magazine management, academic journal publishing, digital media development and access, training and professional certification. Nurturing partnerships that provide specialized services and expand markets form a critical component of the department’s success.

Management Responsibilities:

  1. Development of publishing and professional growth strategies that execute the association’s long-range plan, including identification of required fiscal resources, marshaling of human resources, and projection of revenues.
  2. Communication with volunteer leadership that appraises the membership of opportunities and consequences of publishing actions by successfully articulating the business perspective in a not-for-profit environment.
  3. Transfer of volunteer established policy to publishing action with assignment of associated metrics and accountabilities to measure success.
  4. Inspiration of and guidance to the support staff that contributes the myriad of professional services which enable the publishing enterprise to function.
  5. Monitoring of fiscal performance and implementation of necessary remedies to achieve year-end fiscal objectives.
  6. Periodic review of partner and supplier relationships to ensure targeted return on investment.
  7. Introduction of innovative technologies relevant to publishing and career development which improve efficiencies, enhance customer satisfaction and enable the association to meet continually shifting member and customer expectation.
  8. Execution of licensing and resale agreements to broaden market reach and to penetrate markets more deeply.
  9. Identification of training and professional certification opportunities to enhance the association value proposition through effectively implemented program offerings that evolve as industry needs change.
  10. Guide management of Journal, Advertising Sales, Handbook, Special Publications, Professional Development, Publishing Services, and Certification staff sections, encouraging a culture of engagement and professionalism. 

Specific Accountabilities:

  1. Oversee the sale of branding and corporate awareness opportunities in ASHRAE media and the leveraging of intellectual property assets through activities that include policy development, packaging, pricing, prospecting, analysis, and team management.
  2. Align developed and licensed content with the most appropriate sales channels and platforms to maximize sales and association exposure, including repurposing of content, adding functionality to content, and developing derivative products.
  3. Establish and maintain processes that acquire content and minimize time to market through mechanisms that make most efficient use of monetary and human resources.
  4. Expand and manage development and distribution partnerships with commercial suppliers, allied associations, government entities and industry resources to benefit from economies of scale, improve breadth of intellectual property offerings, and broaden reach.
  5. Ensure content development practices are in place to create timely, trustworthy and ethical content which respects use the volunteer resources and achieves fair outcomes to authors, reviewers and the readers.
  6. Administer training programs which satisfy needs of practicing professionals while meeting fiscal objectives and maximizing impact in the marketplace by incorporating ongoing advances in career-based education.
  7. Administer third party attestation programs that enable individuals to demonstrate knowledge or proficiency in relevant fields of interest following industry standards for certification practices.
  8. Provide guidance in publishing and business matters to volunteers assigned to publication, education, media and certification activities through serving as a staff resource to the Publishing and Education Council and other volunteer committees as assigned.
  9. Execute other assignments as made by Executive Vice President.

Essential Qualifications:

College degree is required along with a minimum of 12 years of experience in publishing or career development field.  Experience must include work in environments in which business opportunities are identified and exploited. Previous work for an association is highly desirable. Position requires skills and attributes which will earn the trust and respect of volunteers, fellow staff, and business contacts. The director must be able to authoritatively present the business perspective within the association and must be able to effectively serve as a representative of the association at industry events, reinforcing the association’s mission and speaking to the issues that are the association’s concerns.