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Webinar Choices

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  • Desktop sharing with phone/VoIP
    • Most common type of Webinar.
    • Attendees must register to attend.
    • Registration tracking.
    • Up to 1000 attendees (limit 100 phone connections).
    • Attendees can dial in for audio or use computer speakers.
    • Multiple presenters and panelists.
    • Practice mode.
    • Interactive tools.
      • Drawing Tools
      • Chat Question & Answer
      • Hand Raising
      • Polling
      • Surveys
    • Interest Rating/Attentiveness tools.
    • Reports in multiple formats.
    • Microphone required for VoIP (not provided or supported by ASHRAE).

  • Desktop sharing with phone/VoIP & Webcam
    • Add a webcam so that others can see the presenter(s).
    • Some webcams have scanning ability to follow the presenter within the room.
    • ASHRAE does not provide or support webcams.

  • Desktop sharing with VoIP (Only) & Webcam
    • Eliminate telephone/toll issues.
    • Telephone is primary source of technical issues.
    • Increased bandwidth