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The Third International Conference on Efficient Building Design

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The Third International Conference on Efficient Building Design – Materials and HVAC Equipment Technologies
Beirut, Lebanon | October 4–5, 2018

The conference, organized by ASHRAE, the ASHRAE Lebanese Chapter, the Munib and Angela Masri Institute of Energy and Natural Resources and the Department of Mechanical Engineering at American University of Beirut, will take place October 4–5, 2018 at The American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon.

The objective of the conference is to present advanced research on the topics of advanced building and bioclimatic designs for attaining occupant comfort and good environmental quality addressing systems and technologies adapted to the Arab region in both moderate and hot humid climates.

The International Conference will include several keynote presentations from experts and professionals in the field.  In addition, specialized and organized sessions, including oral and poster presentations.

Parallel to the conference, ASHRAE Learning Institute (ALI) courses will be offered for participants to register and perform training.

Conference Themes
The topics of the conference will include but are not limited to:

  • Alternative Energy Use in Buildings
  • Enegy Efficiency and Thermal Comfort
  • Energy Conservation Strategies
  • Indoor Air Quality and Thermal Comfort
  • Modeling Simulation, and Standards
  • Heat Recovery and Applications
  • Conference Papers

    The conference papers listed below are currently undergoing a peer review process.

    • Alternative Energy Use in Buildings
    • Controlling Sunlight Entering the Indoor Space through Windows using Dual Solar Screens
    • Energy Comparison of Air Conditioning Split System Vs. Solar Absorption Systems with Optimization for a Prototype Educational Building
    • Contributing Algorithms of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in the Residential, Commercial and Industrial Sectors
    • Energy Conservation for an Office Building in a Hot Climate
    • Establishment of a Sustainable Energy Action Plan: Case Study of Union of Municipalities of Shouf-Soueijany
    • Energy Efficiency, Comfort and Climate
    • Design Optimization for Maintaining Occupants and Outdoor Thermal Comfort
    • Transition Engineering the Water-Electricity Nexus Operating in Building Services and Urban Heat Islands-Concept Design: Is Air-Conditioning Really Necessary?
    • Holistic Approach to Energy Performance of Green Built Environment
    • Prediction and Control of Noise and Vibration within a Sport Facility
    • World Class Energy Efficient HVAC System for New ‘Twisty Tower’ in South Africa
    • Energy Conservation Strategies
    • A Four Step Approach for Energy Conservation and Retrofitting Interventions for Residential Buildings
    • Investigation of Thermal Comfort in a Space Conditioned by Liquid Desiccant Membrane Chilled Ceiling/Displacement Ventilation System
    • Interrelationship between Architectural and Mechanical Aspects of the Building Envelope Design
    • Hygrothermal Engineering Analysis of Walls and Roofs in Hot and Humid Climates
    • Benefits from Combination of Centralized Ventilation System and Decentralized Conditioning Units
    • Indoor Air Quality and Thermal Comfort
    • Mathematical Modelling of Hybrid Cooling Vest Integrated with Bio-Heat Model for Assessing Cooling Effect on Humans in Hot Conditions
    • A Simplified Model for Predicting Contaminant Spread in Rooms Conditioned with Combined Displacement and Personalized Ventilation Systems
    • Numerical Study on PCM-Desiccant Cooling Vest to Improve Cooling and Performance of Workers in Hot Humid Conditions
    • Quantifying Losses Due to Thermal Discomfort: An Agent Based Modeling Approach
    • Effect of Inter-Segmental Ventilation on the Segmental Heat Losses by Means of Electric Circuit Analogy
    • Modeling Simulation and Standards
    • A Comparative Assessment of the Performance of Cooling Systems for Large Scale High-Density Data Centers using CFD Simulations
    • A Full Three-Dimensional Simulation of an Industrial Baking Oven
    • CFD-Optimized Radiant Cooling with Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) for High Ceilinged Spaces in Hot and Dry Climates
    • Optimizing Energy Efficiency of a Building in a Hot Humid Climate
    • Heat Recovery and Applications
    • High Solar Combi-Plus System using PCM Storage: KSA Case Study
    • Sustainable Design in Metro Stations
    • Feasibility Assessment for Retrofitting an Energy-Efficient Hospital Building through Energy Modelling and Field Investigation
    • Energy Performance and Occupant Comfort in an Office Building: Co-Simulation of an Agent-Based Behavior Model with EnergyPlus

    Final paper acceptance will be announced June 15, 2018.

  • Venue & Dates

    The conference will take place at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon. The conference will be held on Thursday and Friday October 4–5, 2018.

    The Conference Organizing Committee will facilitate Hotel reservation for speakers at a competitive conference rate in a number of hotels within walking distance from AUB. Travel and accommodation information will be posted soon.

  • Conference Language

    The official language of the conference will be English.

  • Registration Information

    Registration is not yet open for this conference. Once available, the registration information will be posted here.

  • Executive Organizing Committee
    • Ghaddar, Nesreen (Conference Chair, AUB)
    • El Bitar, Ahmad (President, Lebanese ASHRAE Chapter)
    • Chakroun, Walid (KU)
    • Moukalled, Fadl (AUB)
    • Ghali, Kamel (AUB)
    • Traboulsi, Samir (AUB, FEA, Alumni Chapter)
    • Slim, Rayane (Lebanese University)
  • Scientific Committee
    • Bahnfleth, William (Penn State University, USA)
    • Bakhache, Bassem (OEA)
    • Chakroun, Walid (KU)
    • El-Hayek, Michel (NDU)
    • El-Khoury, Khalil (LU)
    • Ghali, Kamel (AUB)
    • Hosni, Mo (KSU, USA)
    • Moukalled, Fadl (AUB)
    • Traboulsi, Samir (AUB, FEA, Alumni Chapter)
  • Organizers


    ASHRAE Lebanese Chapter

    American University of Beirut
    The Department of Mechanical Engineering at American University of Beirut