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Highway to Sustainability

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2nd Place

Highway to Sustainability


The Highway to Sustainability (HWS) has designed the Net-Zero new City Hall to be a welcoming and open communal space for the people of San Diego, while weaving into it a multitude of sustainability and resiliency elements in the face of climate change and uncertainties. A 3-storey atrium provides ample space at the heart of the City Hall where green walls, skylight and natural breeze can be discovered. A spacious semi-outdoor area can be found on the 4th floor, where occupants can perform fitness activities overlooking the streets of San Diego. A defining element of the HWS’ design approach is the deployment of EnergyBox, an in-house web platform which speeds up design exploration by automating processes and encouraging collaboration by effective visualization. Such approach has allowed us to perform analysis on various designs simultaneously, effectively boosts the efficiency of designing.