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Parametric Posse

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Parametric Posse


The building design professions routinely use design assumptions based on best-practices and rules-of-thumb to guide energy- and resource-conscious decision-making. Parametric modeling offers tremendous potential to replace such design assumptions with data-driven simulations and predictive analytics to achieve optimal building performance outcomes. The Parametric Posse team ran over 1,800 simulations and evaluated a robust amount of data to inform our design process and to determine which design decisions could not be adequately optimized using simulation tools. The result is a holistic design that exceeds technical requirements, leverages passive strategies, and supports use during emergency situations.

The team used both proprietary and open-source software for the parametric modeling. The base digital model was built in Rhinoceros 3D. Grasshopper, a visual scripting plugin, allowed the Rhinoceros model to interface with energy, daylighting, and climate analysis tools such as Honeybee and Ladybug. The team used Colibri software to create iterations and aggregate analysis data.