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Author's Resources for the 7th International Conference On Energy Research and Development

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Conference Papers for the 7th International Conference On Energy Research and Development are due Monday, March 25, 2019

Please upload the following files:

  1. Review copy of Conference Paper: excludes author’s names, 8 page max. (references may be included on additional pages)
  2. Signed Agreement to Publish (ATP) form: one author may sign the form on behalf of all authors; however, all authors must be listed in the “Author(s)”  field located at the top of the ATP form.

Conference papers will undergo a single-blind review process and must be approved by two reviewers. Please do not include author information within the file for review.  Conference papers can be a maximum of eight single-spaced pages in length (references may be included on additional pages).


Guidelines for Authors of Approved Conference Paper Abstracts

Below are some guidelines to consider when preparing your Conference Paper. Please note that the guidelines are significant factors in determining the acceptance of your Conference Paper.

  1. Adherence to the template.
    The Conference Paper template and paper sample are located below for your reference.
  2. Paper is no more than 8 single-spaced pages in length total (includes text, tables, figures, etc.)
  3. Non-commercial (paper does not focus on a single product -- proprietary or not.)
  4. Paper has not been previously published.
  5. Equations are accurate.
  6. Paper includes dual units (I-P and SI). Both text and tables require the addition of dual units.
  7. Technical merit, effectiveness of the manuscript (organization & writing), originality.
  8. Acknowledgment of the work of others by reference.
  9. Submit the signed Agreement to Publish form. 
  10. Final Conference Paper files should be submitted in ready to publish format.

word_icon.png Conference Paper Template

pdf_icon.png Conference Paper Example

pdf_icon.png Agreement to Publish (ATP)

pdf_icon.png Interactive Authors’ Manual

pdf_icon.png Current ASHRAE Commercialism Policy