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Education & Certification

Fundamentals of Steam System Design

What You Will Learn

You will develop an understanding of the basic concepts of steam systems including terminology, properties of a system, analysis and design. After completing the course, you will develop an understanding of:

  • Characteristics of steam
  • Steam system types
  • Terminal equipment in steam systems
  • Steam system components, their function and location in the system
  • Steam and condensate pipe sizing, support, and insulation
  • Steam trap and condensate receiver sizing, selection and placement

Course Content

  • Introduction to Steam System Design - Introduction and review of thermodynamic fundamentals.
  • HVAC Steam Systems - Steam and condensate; advantages of steam; basics of Steam Systems in HVAC; operating pressures of steam systems; steam heating systems; steam condensate systems; and boiler connections.
  • Terminal Units I - Natural convection units; ratings of heat-distributing units; corrections for nonstandard conditions; and applications.
  • Terminal Units II - Unit heaters; unit ventilators; fan-coil units; cabinet heaters; induction units; and air-handling units.
  • Boilers - Boilers, boiler classifications; fuels and combustion; efficiency; cost of producing steam; and boiler sizing.
  • Steam Valves, Steam Traps, Flash Tanks, and Condensate Receiver Tanks - Fundamentals of valves; manual valves; self-contained valves; safety devices; steam traps; flash steam; and condensate receiver tanks.
  • Steam Piping Design - Pipe sizing; piping; pipe materials; insulation; pipe expansion; and pipe supporting elements.

Who Should Enroll in this Course?

This is an excellent course for anyone who needs information on design and analysis of steam systems. A basic knowledge of thermodynamics and psychrometrics, fundamentals of HVAC systems, and fundamentals of heating and cooling loads is assumed. The target audience is:

  • Recent engineering graduates who need additional courses in HVAC&R topics to improve their on-the-job performance
  • Engineers who have recently entered the HVAC&R field from other engineering disciplines Technicians who want to increase their knowledge and skills in HVAC&R
  • Architects, construction and building management professionals, and others responsible for the performance of HVAC&R systems

Getting Started:

Self-Directed Learning Group Learning
$150 ( ASHRAE Member: $128)

A group learning package for this course is not currently available. Want ASHRAE to offer it? Let us know by contacting Customer Service at 1-678-500-3917

Earn 35 PDHs/3.5 CEUs
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