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CPMP Recertification as BCxP FAQs

1. Why is ASHRAE adopting the Building Commissioning Professional scheme requirements?

Periodically, as critical job competencies evolve, certification programs update their scheme requirements to ensure relevancy and validity.  Since the timing was right for an update of the CPMP scheme requirements and the Building Commissioning Professional scheme requirements were validated in an industry-wide, consensus-based job task analysis, facilitated by the National Institute of Building Sciences, ASHRAE made the decision to adopt these scheme requirements.  This updated ASHRAE commissioning certification scheme will be called the Building Commissioning Professional (BCxP). With the goal of achieving Department of Energy (DOE) recognition by the summer of 2017 of services provided by these certificants, this update will not only help ensure the continued validity and relevance of ASHRAE’s Commissioning certification, but also add value.  Download More Detailed Information

2. Does the name change go into effect immediately, or only once recertification is complete?

CPMPs won’t be able to use the BCxP designation until after they have completed the BCxP renewal process. 

3. Why is there a 70-question recertification exam?  Why not just require CPMPs during their renewal period to target PDHs against BCxP-specific exam tasks?  

The Department of Energy wants to be certain that CPMPs renewing as BCxPs fulfill the exact same scheme requirements as those applying directly for the BCxP.  In the end, following negotiation on behalf of CPMPs, ASHRAE came to the conclusion that to gain DOE approval a high-stakes, proctored BCxP recertification exam for renewing CPMPs would be needed.

4. What happens if an applicant does not pass the 70-question recertification exam? Would they have additional chances to retake the test? 

They will be able to retake the renewal exam with a 90-day wait between the initial attempt and the next application date. 

5. Will there be a study guide or practice test materials available for the 70-question BCxP recertification exam?

An excellent guide to preparation will be the blueprint for the recertification exam itself, which can be found in the BCxP Candidate Guidebook. The list of recommended prep materials as well may be found in the BCxP Candidate Guidebook.

6.  I noticed the number of required PDHs is changing from 45 to 50.  Are the options for earning PDHs changing as well?

The options for earning PDHs have changed slightly.  For instance, under the BCxP scheme up to 25 PDHs can be earned for participating in commissioning projects. 

7. Why is the fee to renew as a BCxP more expensive than other ASHRAE recertification applications? 

The BCxP recertification application fee ($295 for members; $395 for non-members) includes the $100 expense to sit for the BCxP recertification exam.  CPMPs with 2019 and 2018 renewal dates who renew as BCxPs in 2017 will pay a prorated recertification application fee ($200 for members; $300 for non-members).

8. Can I continue to display my CPMP certification as an indicator that I have taken and passed the CPMP exam and met the CPMP qualifications or will this CPMP certification now be invalid? 

For as long as you are a certified CPMP, you can display the CPMP designation.  Those certified this year will hold their CPMP through the end of 2019.  It is anticipated that the 12 local, state and national bodies that currently recognize the CPMP likely will continue to do so.

9. My current CPMP expires in December, 2019.  Will there be an option to just renew my current CPMP? 

The purpose of recertification is to demonstrate “continuing competence.”  With ASHRAE’s adoption of the BCxP, essentially as the next iteration of its commissioning certification, CPMPs with expiration dates in 2017, 2018 and 2019 will have to demonstrate continuing competence by meeting BCxP scheme requirements, not CPMP scheme requirements.

10. My CPMP certification expires in December, 2016, and the new BCxP won’t be offered as a computer-based test until March 1, 2017.  Should I renew my CPMP?  I don’t see the point of CPMP renewal if it will become obsolete one month after I renew it.  What do you recommend? 

Currently, twelve (12) national, state and local government bodies recognize the CPMP.  It’s anticipated these bodies by and large will continue to recognize the CPMP and as the BCxP comes online recognize both until the CPMP phases out.  ASHRAE’s move to BCxP eligibility criteria is a move both to update its commissioning certification scheme and as well to add value for CPMPs.   One advantage of renewing as a CPMP this year is that you will continue to hold an ASHRAE certification in commissioning.  Then, at your convenience, you can apply to renew as a BCxP beginning in 2017.  On the other hand, if you let your CPMP expire, then it initially would mean not having an ASHRAE certification in commissioning until you apply for, take and pass the 130-question BCxP certification exam. 

11. My CPMP certification is due for renewal in December, 2016. I wanted to know if I can apply for the new BCxP exam instead of renewing my CPMP? 

You certainly can apply for BCxP certification, instead of renewing your CPMP.  BCxP applications for the Jan. 28 and Feb. 1 pencil-and-paper exam administration at the Winter Conference in Las Vegas will be available Sept. 15.  Applications for the computer-based exam should be available beginning April 1, 2017.  If you pursue that path, then your ASHRAE commissioning certification will expire after Dec. 31 until which time you pass the BCxP exam. 

12.  I recently took and passed the ASHRAE CPMP exam in January of 2016. I had the understanding that the certification would be good for 3 years and was disappointed to hear that the certification will no longer be valid in early 2017.  Is that true?   

As it turns out, your CPMP is “good” for 3 years! As a CPMP certified in 2016, your deadline to recertify as a BCxP – should you decide to maintain your ASHRAE commissioning certification - is Dec. 31, 2019.  It’s anticipated that the twelve (12) national, state and local government bodies that currently recognize the CPMP by and large will continue to do so until the BCxP is phased in.  Please note that you may renew early as soon as 2017 under a prorated application fee and number of PDHs.