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Government Affairs

Congressional Briefing Archives


Congressional Briefings Archives, 2013

Luncheon Briefing: The Consequences, Economically and Personally, of Poor Indoor Air Quality

How clean is the air you're breathing – right now? Most of us spend about 90% of our time indoors; as a result, indoor air quality (IAQ) directly impacts our health, productivity, and national economy. Research has confirmed that poor IAQ can result in both serious health problems such as heart disease, lung cancer and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), and less serious building occupant discomfort and other effects that reduce worker productivity. Conversely, superior IAQ translates to higher productivity via lower absentee rates and reduced health care costs. These economic benefits often outweigh the costs of maintaining good IAQ.

The construction, operation and maintenance of buildings and their HVAC systems, as well as materials used in interior furnishings and housekeeping all contribute to IAQ. Join us for an engaging discussion that will improve your understanding of the dynamic relationships between these building elements and IAQ.

Thursday, November, 14 2013 • 11:30 am - 1:15 pm
U.S. House of Representatives
Room 2325 Rayburn House Office Building


Doug Read
Chair, High-Performance Building Congressional Caucus Coalition
Director of Government Affairs, ASHRAE

Welcome Remarks

Glenn Fellman
Executive Director
Indoor Air Quality Association


"Indoor Air Quality Health Risks, Impacts, and Solutions"
David Rowson, Director, Indoor Environments Division
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

"Tools to better Measure Indoor Air Quality"
Lawrence Schoen, President and Principal Engineer
Schoen Engineering

"IAQ After Natural Disasters"
Dr. Eckardt Johanning, Medical Director
Fungal Research Group Foundation, Inc.

"Understanding Sources of Indoor Pollutants"
Tony Worthan, Director of Global Operations
UL Environment

Logo Luncheon Briefing: Public-Private Partnerships for Public Buildings

The Performance Based Buildings Coalition aims to increase private investment in the construction, renovation, and replacement of our nation's aging and dilapidated public buildings, schools, and public safety facilities; thereby creating jobs while improving the quality of life and saving money for taxpayers.

In order to enable private investment in these projects, government owned buildings must be added to the types of infrastructure assets eligible for exempt facility bonds. This briefing will offer an overview of the need for these exempt facility bonds and the positive impacts that they would have across the country; including highlighting the benefits already being achieved by the transportation sector's use of exempt facility bonds, and the cost and time savings realized by the Long Beach Courthouse project through the use of a Public-Private Partnership.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013 • 11:30 am - 1:30 pm
U.S. House of Representatives
Room 2325 Rayburn House Office Building


Doug Read
Chair, High-Performance Building Congressional Caucus Coalition
Director of Government Affairs, ASHRAE

Welcoming Remarks

Sam Barend
Founder, Performance Based Building Coalition
Vice President, Public-Private Partnership Development Director, AECOM Capital


Long Beach Courthouse Case Study
Sean Maher, P.E. Business Development Director, P3 & Building Efficiency
Johnson Controls Inc.

Public Sector Panel
Joe Pavona
Special Advisor for Public-Private Partnerships, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder
Luis Fortuno
Former Governor of Puerto Rico and Partner, Steptoe & Johnson LLP

International Public Buildings Public-Private Partnerships Case Studies
Roberto Friedrich
Director, HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions North America Inc.

Private Activity Bonds History, Use, & Need Overview
Eric Petersen
Partner, Hawkins Delafield & Wood LLP

Proposed Legislation
Mike Pikiel
Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright