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ASHRAE membership is open to any person associated with heating, ventilation, air conditioning or refrigeration. ASHRAE is unique because its membership is drawn from a wide range of disciplines relating to the HVAC&R field. Over 56,000 individuals from more than 100 nations belong to the Society.

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ASHRAE members earn 15% off publications. Hundreds of titles are available including the complete collection of ASHRAE Standards including 90.1, 62.1 and 189.1.

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When you join ASHRAE, you are making an investment in yourself. When you become active in the Society by giving your time and sharing your knowledge, you get even more out of that investment.

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Each month, all over the world, ASHRAE chapters convene for an informational program featuring a speaker or topic that is key to professionals in the industry. Meet with your peers and share ideas.
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Government Affairs

ASHRAE Member GGAC Accomplishments & Activities

Society Year 2017-18

Read How ASHRAE Chapters
Celebrated Day on the Hill in their States

United States

Kentucky – SSRC 90.1 member Christian Taber provided testimony to the Kentucky Housing, Buildings, and Construction Advisory Committee on August 22, 2017 in opposition to attempts to roll back the state's commercial energy code to an earlier version of IECC. Jim Scarborough, Manager of Grassroots Government Affairs for ASHRAE, was in attendance to provide technical support.


Society Year 2016-17

Read How ASHRAE Chapters
Celebrated Day on the Hill in their States


Ottawa, Ontario – The first Canadian ASHRAE Day On The Hill (DOTH) was organized by GGAC members from Region II and XI. On June 7th, ASHRAE members visited government ministers, members of Parliament, department leaders and other influential Ottawa agencies. They informed them how ASHRAE could be helpful in meeting Canadian government climate change objectives in three areas:

  • Research activities about use of flammable refrigerants to meet the agreed UNEP protocols from the recent Kigali conference.
  • Reducing energy consumption in existing buildings by referencing  our Standard 100.
  • Improved building operations by using ASHRAE Building Energy Quotient Program.  

After the visit, participants plan to write formal thank you letters to every person visited and follow up with requested information. Each chapter involved were asked to follow up with their established connections and encourage new ones. Canadian GGAC members expressed interest to form a group dedicated to the DOTH initiative. For those of you interested to hold your own DOTH, set a date and make sure to prepare your volunteers a couple months in advance.

United States

Arkansas – The Arkansas Chapter in Little Rock partnered with Arkansas Advanced Energy Association (AAEA) to have their "Day on the Hill" on March 14th. Their day included conversations with legislators and staff before, during and after a pre-programmed luncheon. ASHRAE was part of several organizations focused around Advance Energy Applications at the capital. This allowed a focus on attendees to leverage a larger population of constituents. One special moment occurred when the Chairman of the Public Service Commission approached ASHRAE, asking about ASHRAE Standards for communications, application and integration of smart meters, and various other topics.

Georgia – Approximately 10 volunteers visited the office of each of the 236 legislators in Georgia on February 15, 2017. The Atlanta Chapter held a training at ASHRAE headquarters and visited the State Capitol distributing information on ASHRAE. Interviews were held with the volunteers both before and after to capture thoughts and feelings and to make suggestions on what could be done differently or added for future events.  

New Mexico – On March 16th, volunteers from the ASHRAE New Mexico Chapter  spent the afternoon and evening at the capitol building in Santa Fe spreading the word about ASHRAE.  More specifically, they spoke to several elected legislative officials about ASHRAE-funded research and ASHRAE standards regarding energy efficiency, sustainability, building occupant comfort, and ventilation.  Government officials were receptive to the idea of incorporating or updating the latest ASHRAE energy and ventilation standards into state legislation. Leading up to the next legislative session, the ASHRAE New Mexico Chapter plans to follow up with their local state government. Local ASHRAE members expressed interest in modifying existing bills or proposing a new bill incorporating ASHRAE standards beneficial to New Mexico’s population. "A Day on the Hill was definitely a day to remember. Through the final forty-eight hours, elected officials showed interest in ASHRAE and the information that was given to them. So much knowledge can be acquired from these types of events. This was a gratifying experience and I'm glad I was able to be a part of it," said Andres Mendoza, ASHRAE New Mexico Chapter GGAC member.

North Carolina – Approximately 14 volunteers from the Triangle Chapter attended North Carolina’s first Day on the Hill visit on February 22, 2017.  Teams were broken up into two and were given specific areas and assignments within the legislature buildings to see as many elected officials and/or administrative support as possible. All attendees were given a brief script example of how to introduce themselves (including that were are not lobbying), what ASHRAE stands for, and our reason for being there. After the visit, the chapter recorded specific questions that were asked and are currently setting up future one-on-one meetings with elected officials to dive deeper into what they can help them with. Most of the volunteers started out hesitant about this event, but everyone now understands of the importance of creating a positive relationship with elected officials. The Triangle Chapter is looking forward to their next visit to build on this year’s success. 

Oklahoma - The Northeastern Oklahoma Chapter held a Day on the Hill at the state capitol in Oklahoma City on March 21, 2017. ASHRAE Members met with state representatives and senators to discuss the various talking points on the legislation listed below as well as offering as much feedback to legislators as experts in the industry. Thank you to all who attended the Day on the Hill to continue to promote ASHRAE and our industry at the grassroots level.

  • HB1168 – This bill would move the OUBCC from being an independent committee reporting to a congressional committee, to reporting to the CIB and consolidate the 2 groups.
  • SB104 – This bill would make it legal for homeowners to do their own work on their residences without requiring licensed professionals. There is concern that the bill isn’t specific enough and there may be loopholes that allow them to apply this to other projects.
  • SB283 – This bill establishes the minimum cycles that codes are adopted. The debate centers around whether the cycle should be 3-year or 6-year adoption cycles.
  • HB1883 – This bill proposes an energy conservation program for public school buildings, similar to the one the state has now for the state government buildings.

South Carolina – The South Carolina Chapter held its first Day on the Hill visit on Tuesday, May 9, 2017. Led by SC Chapter GGAC Chair Hunter Wilson, ASHRAE members circulated through the legislature to introduce the Society and its members to legislators as a leading source of expertise for policy makers in the development of legislation affecting the public and the HVAC profession. Approximately a dozen volunteers from the Chapter participated in this Day on the Hill, making Region IV the first ASHRAE Region to have a Day on the Hill visit in every state of that Region.

Texas – Approximately 20 volunteers represented the 8 ASHRAE chapters of Texas when visiting legislative offices on February 21, 2017. Their focus was on meeting their State Senators and Representatives and introducing them to ASHRAE. An E-Week Proclamation was approved by the Texas House and all ASHRAE members in the House Gallery were asked to stand while the proclamation was approved with thunderous applause. For the entirety of Engineers Week, ASHRAE was also provided space in the Texas State Capital building to display information about ASHRAE with posters, banners and literature.


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