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ASHRAE's 2013 New Face of Engineering Nominees

ASHRAE received 20 nominations for this year's New Faces program. The top nominees from each engineering society represented on the National Engineers Week committee will appear in USA Today during National Engineers Week, Feb. 17-23, 2013. ASHRAE’s top New Face will be posted on ASHRAE.org during that week.


New Face of Engineering 2013

Nominee: Ian Metzger
Employer: Engineer III, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Golden, Colo.
Education: Master of Science in Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering, University of Colorado at Boulder; Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts, University of San Diego, Calif.
Notable Accomplishments:  Metzer is dedicated to increasing the speed and scale of energy/water efficiency and renewable energy deployment as shown by his achievements: 

  • Lead energy auditor - conducting assessments of some 30 facilities over the last three years in the U.S. and internationally (India, Africa, Japan, Central America) 
  • Energy audit trainer – training over 200 people in-class in the U.S. and internationally (Japan, Costa Rica). 
  • Principal investigator for new and emerging technology demonstration projects – engineering analysis for plug load controls, photovoltaic-thermal systems and multistage indirect evaporative cooling systems
  • Software tool development – contributing author on 10 software copyrights of commercialized software for evaluating building energy performance and renewable energy
  • Providing commissioning oversight for two NREL high performance buildings (Research Support Facility, Energy Systems Integration Facility)
  • Data center efficiency expert – providing energy assessments and trainings for federal data center managers

Top Nominees

Nominee: Christopher Michael Gray, P.E.
Employer: Senior Research Engineer, Southern Co., Birmingham, Ala.
Education: currently pursuing Doctorate in Civil Engineering, Master of Science and Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Notable Accomplishments:As a senior end-use research engineer, Gray is a project manager in charge of developing, evaluating and demonstrating efficient technologies for application inside buildings of Southern Co.’s 4.4 million customers. This project management responsibility is an end-to-end role including developing research plans, negotiating contracts, site oversight, data analysis and presentation of results. He oversaw the company’s largest end-use research project in its history with his water heater research. He managed a multi-year field study of heat pump water heaters at over 50 field sites with the goal of validating the efficiency increase of the heaters in real-world circumstances. This project went beyond manufacturer claims and lab tests and resulted in efficiency, reliability and customer satisfaction validation. This research allowed him to share best practices with engineers, contractors and homeowners around the country at technical conferences and homebuilder shows. He currently manages over $1 million in active projects.

Nominee: Andrew Phelps, P.E.
Employer: Project Manager, Barnes & Dodge, Lenexa, Kan.
Education:  Architectural Engineering, University of Kansas (KU), Lawrence

Notable Accomplishments:  Phelps has not only had the opportunity to design high performance buildings, but also the opportunity to construct the mechanical systems that go into these designs. As an engineer, he designed several LEED buildings. One of which is the KU Endowment office, which included a geothermal heat pump system and an underfloor air distribution (UFAD) system. Energy modeling, especially UFAD system, was a specialty as an engineer. During the construction of the KU Endowment building, he decided to further his engineering scope as a project manager for a mechanical and sheet metal contractor. One of the projects he was assigned to manage was the same project he had designed – the KU Endowment building. He was also a project manager for the $685 million (total construction cost) National Nuclear Security Administration campus in Kansas City, a 1.2 million square feet (111483 square meters) foot lab and manufacturing space. Part of his responsibilities were overseeing the building information modeling (BIM) coordination efforts and detailing on this project. In order to meet tight schedules, these 3D BIM files were taken directly to company computer controlled fabrication machines to construct all the ductwork for this facility, which included 30 miles of spiral duct.

Nominee: Ben Weigand, P.E.
Employer: Project Manager/Mechanical Engineer, TME Inc., Little Rock, Ark.
Education:  Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering, Kansas State University, Manhattan

Notable Accomplishments:  Notable work includes mechanical design and BIM modeling for the new Southwest Power Pool Headquarters, a 150,000 square foot (13935 square meters) building currently awaiting LEED Gold certification. Additionally, Ben served as the lead Mechanical Designer for the Student Life Center at Hendrix College, an 80,000 square foot (7432 square meters) multi-purpose building that received LEED Silver certification.


Nominee: Christopher J. Wilson
Employer:  Mechanical Engineer, Westlake Reed Leskosky, Washington, D.C.
Education:  Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, Pa.

Notable Accomplishments:  Wilson contributed deeply to the design and analysis of the Wayne Aspinall Federal Building Modernization in Grand Junction, Colo. This project is on target to be the General Services administration’s first site net zero energy historic building. Wilson led renewable energy studies for the project. He also has contributed to other significant projects in the firm, including work at the Library of Congress, a new community living center for the Veterans Affairs Campus in Martinsburg, W.V., new performing arts centers in Taiwan, the Pro Football Hall of Fame and renovation of the Smithsonian Institution’s Renwick Gallery.


Additional Nominees

Nominee: Christopher J. Barbieri, P.E.
Employer: Mechanical Engineer, CRB Consulting Engineers Inc., Plymouth Meeting, Pa.
Education:  Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Villanova University, Pa.

Notable Accomplishments:  Barbieri has demonstrated an outstanding level of proficiency designing complex mechanical systems supporting pharmaceutical-manufacturing-production facilities, including:

    • Environmental air conditioning controlling particulate and microbial contamination, and temperature/humidity and pressurization criteria, in pharmaceutical-manufacturing clean rooms
    • Generation and distribution of manufacturing utilities
    • Industrial ventilation systems such as dust-collection and hazardous fume exhaust

His proficiency includes supervision of the commissioning-into-service of complex mechanical systems including authoring commissioning protocols and preventive maintenance procedures. He understands the critical role that the day-to-day performance of the systems he designs plays in the discovery, manufacture and delivery of medicines that serve the public welfare. As lead mechanical design engineer and energy-modeling analyst for a 165,000 square foot (15329 square meters) biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility he demonstrated the environmental sustainability of his designs, helping the project earn Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) “New Construction” Certification.


Nominee: Allison Briede
Employer: Associate Commissioning Authority, WorkingBuildings, New Orleans, La.
Education: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, minors in business administration and mathematics, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge

Notable Accomplishments:  In a little over a year at WorkingBuildings, Briede has developed skills in energy modeling and has become one of the main energy modelers for the company. Energy models can be necessary in LEED projects, assist in the development process to design in the most cost and energy efficient way and aid in pin-pointing possible energy conservation measures. She has worked on energy audits, retro-commissioning, commissioning and LEED projects. Briede assists in drawing reviews, functional performance tests, checklists and writing specifications.


Nominee: Colin P. Fay
Employer: Mechanical Engineer and Sustainability Specialist, PDC Inc. Engineers, Anchorage, Alaska
Education: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Michigan (Houghton) Technological University

Notable Accomplishments: In only three years, Fay has achieved more than most professionals take decades to obtain.  He has been instrumental in the design and construction of two recent cutting edge facilities that are currently under construction; the 101,115 square foot (9393 square meters) Life Sciences Laboratory Building for the University of Alaska Fairbanks and the 31,185 square foot  (2897 square meters) Tazlina Regional Clinic.


Nominee: David W. Gauvin, Eng.
Employer: HVAC&R Sales Engineer, Trane, Quebec City, Canada
Education: Bachelor of Science in Material Engineering, Universite Laval, Quebec City

Notable Accomplishments: After his graduation, Gauvin was selected by Trane Quebec City to fill a new HVAC&R sales engineer opening. He had an opportunity to design and build elaborate HVAC&R systems in high-profile green buildings, such as the eight story, 17,600 square meter (1635 square foot) Public Works and Government Services Canada office tower in Quebec City, the newest part of the D’Estimauville eco-quarter.

Nominee: Rafay Hasan
Employer: Senior Engineer, Grontmij, Maidenhead, United Kingdom
Education: Master of Science in Building Services Engineering with Sustainable Energy, Brunel University, West London, United Kingdom; Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, NED University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan

Notable Accomplishments: Hasan’s first project at Grontmij involved design of 16 story hotel in East London. The project involved cutting edge energy solutions for heating, cooling and hot water delivery. An Initial assessment of BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) predicted a rating of Excellent. During his time at Brunel University, he completed a research project on “Energy savings from thermal energy storage system in an office building.” The research results were later presented in the International Renewable Energy Storage Conference 2009 held in Berlin.


Nominee: Ryan Hoffman, P.E.
Employer: Sustainability and Energy Service Manager, Heapy Engineering, Dayton, Ohio
Education: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, University of Dayton

Notable Accomplishments: After joining Heapy Engineering, Hoffman transitioned from an entry level engineer to the highest non-ownership position within the company in less than five years.  He was promoted from project manager to team manager in less than one year. He is responsible for direct oversight, mentorship, development and scheduling of 10 energy engineering and sustainability staff.   He co-authored an article in Environmental Design + Construction Magazine titled “Lessons Learned, Higher Education Projects.” 


Nominee: Dinesh Jaikumar
Employer: Director – Projects, SunGreen Ventilation Systems, TailNadu, India
Education: Master of Science in Industrial Engineering, University of Texas, Arlington; Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Madras University, India

Notable Accomplishments: Jaikumar has contributed to the design and engineering of energy efficient industrial ventilation and cooling solutions for various industries across India. He has also contributed to construction of industrial buildings along with the required indoor air quality with self supported roofing technology and energy efficient ventilation products. His contributions toward system design and project management includes providing spot cooling systems for battery manufacturing units with air balancing and moisture control with wind driven roof ventilators hence achieving tremendous savings in operation costs.


Nominee: Stillman Jordan III
Employer: Mechanical Engineer in Training, HDR Engineering, San Antonio, Texas
Education: Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (to be completed December 2012), Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, University of Texas at San Antonio

Notable Accomplishments:  Jordan has completed mechanical designs and energy models for four LEED Silver eligible buildings that are estimated to use 30 percent less energy than the Standard 90.1 baseline buildings. While working fulltime and pursing his master’s degree at the University Texas at San Antonio part time, he has specialized in energy modeling. In 2012 he published and presented original work on energy use and payback comparison of four air distributions systems in schools at the ASHRAE Energy Modeling Conference and ASME International Congress and Exposition. 


Nominee: Jay Keazer, P.E.
Employer: Energy Engineer, TME Inc., Fayetteville, Ark.
Education: Master of Science and Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

Notable Accomplishments:  During his career thus far, Keazer’s work has been focused
on the reduction of energy consumption in numerous new construction projects through building energy modeling, life cycle cost analysis, commissioning and measurement and verification of energy savings, including involvement in over 20 LEED projects. Most notably, Keazer participated in the design of the Missouri Alternative and Renewable Energy Technology (MARET) Center, a net zero energy building at Crowder College. He provided design guidance and feedback via energy modeling, and is currently providing measurement and verification analysis of the energy performance of the building. In addition, he has performed many energy audits of existing buildings and campuses, primarily healthcare and higher education facilities, and has developed strategic energy plans which lay out a path for achieving clients’ long range energy and greenhouse gas reduction goals. Keazer’s current work includes optimization and improved utilization of building automation systems, including automated fault detection and daily energy performance reporting.


Nominee: Richard Greg Inman, P.E.
Employer: Commissioning Engineer, Sebesta Blomberg, Chicago, Ill.
Education: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Michigan (Hougton) Technological University

Notable Accomplishments:   Inman performed almost all the services provided via his firm, including new building commissioning, retro-commissioning, and ASHRAE energy audits and calculations. Additionally, he brought new capabilities in building envelope analysis and energy services as his company’s leading expert in infrared thermography. This year alone, Inman’s energy work has resulted in recorded savings of 88,500 kWh and 6,343 CCF natural gas at the Memphis Air National Guard (May/June 2011 vs. May/June 2012), proposed savings over 255,000 kWh/year (173 metric tons/year reduction of greenhouse gases) for the lighting retrofit of a Chicago based chemical plant, and proposed over 300,000 kWh/year of energy (216 gigajoules) conservation measures for Michigan State University’s Psychology building.


Nominee: Rupesh S. Iyengar
Employer: Co-founder, Index Workshop Inc., Singapore
Education: pursuing Doctorate of Architecture, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland; Master of Science in Building Performance and Sustainability, National University of Singapore; Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum, India

Notable Accomplishments:   While pursuing his masters in building performance and sustainability from National University of Singapore, Iyenard’s masters’ design project won the Green Design Award of Merit at the International Green Building Congress in 2011. He was also simultaneously involved in high level research collaboration with Concordia University where he researched underfloor air distribution systems. He then was invited to be a part of a global high tech research team under Future Cities Laboratory and pursue his Doctorate in Architecture from ETH, Zurich. His passion to design high performing buildings saw him start his company Index Workshop Inc. in Singapore specializing in sustainable design and architecture consulting. Currently he has been designing many zero energy buildings and sustainable building projects in Asia, Europe and Africa.


Nominee: Margaret Mathison, Ph.D.
Employer: Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wis.
Education: Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering, Iowa (Ames) State University; Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Ind.

Notable Accomplishments:  As an educator, Mathison provides future engineers with the skills necessary to address society’s greatest challenges, such as the need for clean energy. As a researcher, she works to reduce the environmental impact of HVAC&R equipment, which accounts for a significant percentage of the United States’ energy usage. She has developed computer models of the compressors used in air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment to evaluate potential energy saving modifications, which not only provide cost savings to consumers but also reduce harmful emissions from energy generation. She received the Student Best Paper Award for her contribution to the 2010 Compressor Engineering Conference at Purdue.


Nominee: Ringo Ka Long Ng
Employer: Project Manager, S+A Footprint, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Education:  currently pursuing Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering, University of Toronto; Master of Applied Science in Building Science, Ryerson University, Toronto; Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering, University of Waterloo, Ontario

Notable Accomplishments:  As an energy analyst for the past two and half years, Ng has contributed to the design of 30 projects, ranging from institutional to commercial to residential buildings with a combined gross floor area of more than 5 million square feet. He has provided support and recommendations to design teams in generating high performance building design that optimizes the energy performances and indoor environmental quality. Over 60,000 gigajoule (277 kWh) of energy was saved annually with the more efficient designs he has worked on, which translates to an annual operating cost savings of almost $1 million. Ng’s projects include the Royal Alberta Museum, the Shields Health Education Center and the Archetype Sustainable House. He also has managed and facilitated sustainability plans for 10 projects and administered a carbon action plan for an office with more than 500 employees.


Nominee: Jeremy Smedley
Employer: Mechanical Designer, Vestal Corp., Chesterfield, Mo.
Education:  Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Missouri (Rolla) University of Science and Technology

Notable Accomplishments:  Smedley worked as a process engineer, designing and repairing process systems in a company’s mixing department. He then worked in production management leading a production team to make household product production more effective.  After joining Vestal, he worked on designing a replacement deaerator and its surrounding low pressure steam system. His current projects include designing a replacement variable air volume system for an existing building and a geothermal plant with a variable air volume air handling system for a new industrial factory.


Nominee: Sam Weaver, P.E.
Employer: Mechanical Engineer, Girard Engineering, Falls Church, Va.
Education:  Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering, Kansas State University, Manhattan
Notable Accomplishments:  Weaver has worked on numerous sustainable projects, including several office tenant projects that have achieved LEED Gold status. One of his current projects, a complete renovation of an existing office building, is on target to achieve LEED Gold status. He has an extensive project resume that includes office buildings, tenant fit-outs, apartment buildings, hotels, country clubs and historic renovations. Many of his projects require intense coordination because of extremely low plenum heights or because they are complex renovations in historic buildings. When performing an energy model analysis for projects he works closely with owners and architects to maximize the efficiency of buildings and reduce their contribution to global warming.