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ASHRAE membership is open to any person associated with heating, ventilation, air conditioning or refrigeration. ASHRAE is unique because its membership is drawn from a wide range of disciplines relating to the HVAC&R field. Approximately 51,000 individuals from more than 100 nations belong to the Society.

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ASHRAE members earn 15% off publications. Hundreds of titles are available including the complete collection of ASHRAE Standards including 90.1, 62.1 and 189.1.
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When you join ASHRAE, you are making an investment in yourself. When you become active in the Society by giving your time and sharing your knowledge, you get even more out of that investment.

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Each month, all over the world, ASHRAE chapters convene for an informational program featuring a speaker or topic that is key to professionals in the industry. Meet with your peers and share ideas.
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Milton W. Garland Commemorative Refrigeration Award for Project Excellence

The award shall be known as the Milton W. Garland Commemorative Refrigeration Award for Project Excellence.

The award shall be made to both the designer and the owner of a non-comfort cooling refrigeration application that incorporates new technology in a unique manner.

Submission must be received by the Refrigeration Committee staff liaison (tse@ashrae.net) by May 1st to be considered for that year’s competition. The Refrigeration Committee shall select three members who have at least two years of service on the Committee to be the judges of the projects. The award will be presented at the Winter Meeting. Chapters should submit copy to Chapter Technology Transfer Committee (CTTC) Regional Vice-Chair (RVC) for informational purposes as well.

The winning recipient selected by the Refrigeration Committee from the Chapter nominees shall receive the following: The designer shall receive a plaque at a Society Winter Meeting.

The project’s owner shall receive a plaque to be presented at a refrigeration program meeting of the chapter.

The chapter nominating the winning project shall receive a felt patch to go on the chapter award banner. Patch will be presented at the CRC following the Society award presentation.

All chapters submitting a nomination shall be awarded ribbons at the following year’s CRC.

The documentation accompanying the nominated and the winning projects will be made available to the ASHRAE Journal and to Insights.

Instructions for Submittal


The chapter’s eight (8) page submittal shall be as follows: The front cover shall be the submission form.

The second 8 ½ x 11" page shall contain no more that a two paragraph overview of the project with a brief explanation of the factors supporting the nomination.

The next four 8 ½ x 11" pages shall contain a description of the project typed in 12 point font. The page shall be double-spaced with ¾” left and right margins, and 1" top and bottom margins.

The last two pages of the project shall consist of two 8 ½ x 11" sheets containing drawings, plans, schematics, or pictures of the project which will give the judges a clear understanding of the merits of the project. 

The selection criteria shall be re-evaluated by the Society Refrigeration Committee every thirty-six (36) months beginning with the date of acceptance of this criteria.




Refrigeration shall be defined as any use of mechanical refrigeration machinery for application other than human comfort. In general, this will be for food processing and preservation as well as industrial applications. It could also apply to refrigeration used in manufacturing processes, life support in extreme environments, recreational facilities, or other non-comfort cooling applications.

All projects must be submitted within the thirty-six (36) preceding months of the initial operation date of the system.

The Milton W. Garland Commemorative Refrigeration Award is open to all who think their projects or other projects with which they are familiar have achieved some distinction. Projects may be submitted by the designers, architects, engineers, owners, or suppliers. The nominator must inform and have approval from the owner of the installation that the entry may be published. The owner’s name may be withheld for privacy.

A release must be obtained from the owner of the project.

Each Chapter may only have one submittal and may devise their own method(s) for selecting their submission.

There must be an ASHRAE linkage to the nominee (the prime designer is a member, the installer is a member, the firm is Golden Circle, or the owner, supplier, etc., is a member).

The scoring of the project at the Society level will be per Appendix A, Scoring Chart.