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ASHRAE Members: Get a FREE Pocket Guide when you Connect-a-Colleague to ASHRAE

In less than one minute you can make a positive impact in a colleague’s life, help strengthen the Society, and get a free ASHRAE Pocket Guide. It’s a win-win-win.

How to Get Your Free Pocket Guide

  1. Simply invite a colleague to join ASHRAE as a Full Member or Associate, by November 30, 2021.
  2. Ensure they enter your email address as the referring member on the join form when prompted.
  3. When your colleague joins ASHRAE as a Full Member or Associate (at the $230 rate), you’ll get one ASHRAE Pocket Guide (I-P version) shipped to you, free.


How do I invite someone to join?

You can invite them however you’d like, and as long as they enter your email address on the join form at ashrae.org/join, you’ll be credited with the referral. We strongly recommend using Connect-a-Colleague because it’s a quick tool that sends a pre-written (also customizable) email on your behalf. Remember to tell your colleague to include your email address when joining.

Additional membership promotion resources are available here.

Very Important: When prompted on the join form your colleague must enter your email address as the referring member. This is how we know which members should receive the Pocket Guide. Additionally, your colleague must join as a Full Member or Associate grade member at the $230 membership rate for you to qualify and get the free Pocket Guide (I-P version).

  • Some Questions you might have:

    What’s the Pocket Guide?

    It’s a super handy condensed version of the four most recent ASHRAE Handbooks. It fits in most pockets. Check it out.

    When will I get the Pocket Guide?

    Orders will ship weekly throughout the campaign, with the last shipments sent the week of December 6. Arrival time will depend on where you live and when your colleague joined.

    Does the colleague I referred get anything?

    They get all the benefits of membership in ASHRAE! And they are welcome to participate in this effort to get a free Pocket Guide, too.

    What if I get 1,278 people to join?

    If you get more than one member to join, we salute you! We can only give one free Pocket Guide, regardless of how many members you recruit. However, if you successfully recruit more than 10 members know that a staff member will be in touch with you.

    What if my colleague forgot to enter my email address on the join form?

    Email marketing@ashrae.org with the name of your colleague, and we’ll work with you on getting it taken care of. 

    I still don’t have my Pocket Guide?

    Email marketing@ashrae.org if you haven’t received it by Dec. 17, 2021.

    Can I request the S-I version instead of the I-P version?

    Email marketing@ashrae.org and let us know you’d like the S-I version.

Contact marketing@ashrae.org with additional questions.