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ASHRAE Assists College Students with Tuition through Society Scholarships

Aug 14, 2017

Contact: Allen Haynes
Public Relations

ATLANTA – ASHRAE has announced the recipients of 33 Society scholarships, totaling $164,000 for the 2017-18 academic year.

“The ASHRAE Society scholarship program was launched to both encourage and reward students who pursue STEM education and demonstrate active engagement in innovative research, which may lead us to a better world,” says 2017-2018 ASHRAE President Bjarne W. Olesen. "We are eager to support the next generation of engineers as they shape our future.”

The students, all pursuing an undergraduate degree in engineering or technology leading to a career within the HVAC&R industry, will receive the following undergraduate ASHRAE scholarships:

The following awards provide a $10,000 scholarship:

  • Willis H. Carrier Scholarships: $10,000 each for one year, Elena Gowdy, architectural engineering, Pennsylvania State University and Sarah Drummey, architectural engineering, University of Nebraska. The scholarship was established by the Carrier Corp. in memory of its founder, who installed the world’s first scientifically designed air-conditioning system.
  • Reuben Trane Scholarships: $10,000 each to be awarded over two years, Claire Feind, mechanical engineering, Texas A&M University; Mark Jirak, mechanical engineering, Minnesota State University; and Karan Kedia, mechanical engineering, Purdue University.  The scholarship was established by the Trane Co. in memory its founder, an innovative engineer, inventor and business executive, who held 28 patents.

The following awards provide one-year $5,000 scholarships:

  • Lynn G. Bellenger Engineering Scholarship: Briana Basile, architectural engineering, Pennsylvania State University. The scholarship recognizes female undergraduate engineering students and is named in memory of the Society’s first female president.
  • Lynn G. Bellenger Engineering Technology Scholarship: Justine Labrador, HVACR Technology & Energy Mgmt., Ferris State University. The scholarship recognizes female undergraduate engineering technology students.
  • Region IV Benny Bootle Scholarship: Kristin O'Brien, mechanical engineering, Clemson University. The scholarship is named for a former Region IV chair and regional director on the ASHRAE Board of Directors.
  • James R. Bullock Jr. Scholarship: Brandon Hines, mechanical engineering, North Carolina State University. The scholarship is named in honor of Bullock Jr., P.E., Life Member of ASHRAE, who serves as president of Environmental Air Systems Inc.
  • Frank M. Coda Scholarship: Timothy Grider, mechanical engineering, University of Tennessee. The scholarship was created in memory of ASHRAE’s former executive vice president, who served from 1981-2004.
  • Duane Hanson Scholarship: Callie Clark, civil & environmental engineering, University of California. The scholarship was established by Gayner Engineers and is named for the company’s former president.
  • Gordon V.R. Holness Scholarship: Karolina Czerwinski, mechanical engineering, City College of New York. The scholarship is named in honor of ASHRAE Presidential Member Holness, P.E., Fellow ASHRAE, Life Member, who served as president in 2009-10.
  • David C.J. Peters Scholarship: Mary Taylor, architectural engineering, Pennsylvania State UniversityThe scholarship was created by Southland Industries to honor Peters, an advocate of recruiting quality.
  • Alwin B. Newton Scholarship: Michelle Ragan, architectural engineering, Kansas State University. The scholarship is named for an industry pioneer and ASHRAE Fellow who was granted 219 patents.
  • General Scholarship: Casey Bertelsman, architectural engineering, Kansas State University.
  • Legacy Scholarship: Paul McNeely, mechanical engineering, North Carolina State University.
  • Engineering Technology Scholarships: Justin Dean, HVAC&R technology, Ferris State University; John Gisonna, HVACR design technology, Pennsylvania College of Technology; and Lakshya Garg, network engineering technology, Purdue University.
  • Freshman Engineering Scholarship: Tyler McCubbins, mechanical engineering, University of Tennessee.

The following awards provide one-year $3,000 scholarships:

  • Henry Adams Scholarship: Michael Akinseloyin, mechanical engineering, University of Lagos. The scholarship was established by Henry Adams, Inc. in memory of its founder, a charter member and sixth president of ASHRAE’S predecessor society, ASHVE, established in 1899.
  • ASHRAE Central New York Chapter King-Traugott Scholarship: Mohammad Farooq, mechanical engineering, City College of New York. The scholarship is named in memory of ASHRAE Life Members Fritz Traugott, Ph.D., Fellow ASHRAE, and Harry King.
  • ASHRAE New Jersey Chapter Scholarship: Keenan Baltunis, mechanical engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology. 
  • J. Richard Mehalick Scholarship: Jordan Myers, mechanical engineering, University of Pittsburgh.The scholarshipis named in memory of an ASHRAE member who was a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and oversaw development of air conditioning equipment used in commercial, military, aerospace and transportation applications.
  • Donald E. Nichols Scholarship: Hayden Rhymer, mechanical engineering, Tennessee Technological University. The scholarship is named for a former ASHRAE vice president and graduate of Tennessee Technological University. 
  • ASHRAE Minnesota Chapter Peter Potvin Scholarship: Subhan Khalid, mechanical engineering, Minnesota State University.The scholarship is named in memory of a former president of the Minnesota Chapter.
  • ASHRAE Region I Setty Family Foundation Scholarship: Jerod Sutcliffe, mechanical engineering, University of Hartford. The scholarship is named in honor of Boggarm Setty, Fellow ASHRAE, Life Member.
  • ASHRAE Region III Setty Family Foundation Scholarship: Jonathan Shoup, mechanical engineering, Grove City College.
  • ASHRAE Region VIII Scholarship: Darin Epperson, mechanical engineering, University of Texas. 
  • High School Senior Scholarships: Nicholas Koch, mechanical engineering technology, University of Dayton; Joshua Fox, HVACR design technology, Pennsylvania College of Technology; Thomas Guilfoil, air conditioning engineering technology, State University of New York - Canton; and Esteban Garcia Ponte, engineering, Clemson University.

Over the course of 29 years, ASHRAE has awarded nearly $2 million of scholarship money to nearly 400 students. Through its scholarships, ASHRAE seeks to motivate students to pursue an engineering or technology career in the HVAC&R field.

Applications are now being accepted for the Society’s 2018-19 undergraduate engineering, engineering technology, regional/chapter, and university-specific scholarships. The deadline is Dec. 1, 2017. Visit www.ashrae.org/scholarships for complete eligibility requirements and application materials.

ASHRAE, founded in 1894, is a global society advancing human well-being through sustainable technology for the built environment. The Society and its more than 56,000 members worldwide focus on building systems, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, refrigeration and sustainability. Through research, standards writing, publishing, certification and continuing education, ASHRAE shapes tomorrow’s built environment today. More information can be found at www.ashrae.org/news.