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Data Center and IT Equipment Design Guidance from ASHRAE TC 9.9 for Engineers, IT Professionals and Facility Staff

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Course Length: 6 hours

Demand for IT services that are lower cost, more energy efficient, provide more storage, and offer more computing capabilities results in continued, significant changes in hardware, and as a result its operating conditions. This course examines best practices by focusing on ASHRAE’s evolving thermal guidelines for data processing environments, telecommunications, and actual high-density data centers in operation today. While there are opportunities to save energy in data centers, understanding of equipment trends, performance measurements, and effectiveness are critical to the principal objective: Data integrity.

Course Topics Include:

  • Load Growth
  • Data Center & IT Basics
  • Facilities Air Cooling Architecture
  • Thermal Guidelines
  • Liquid Cooling
  • Measurements
  • Hardware Basics and Trends
  • IT Equipment and Data Center Impact
  • Hardware Testing and Validation
  • Networking Equipment
  • Data Center Infrastructure Management
  • Environmental Envelopes
  • CFD Modeling


Paul Finch, FIME, Member ASHRAE

Mark Seymour, Chartered Member of the Society for the Environment, Member ASHRAE

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