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Air-to-Air Energy Recovery Applications: Best Practices

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Air-to-Air Energy Recovery Applications: Best Practices

  • 10 Apr 2018
  • Online


Course Description

Tuesday, 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm EDT

Air-to-air energy recovery is a very cost-effective and efficient way to recycle waste energy and create superior indoor environments. This course will review real-world examples of where and how air-to-air energy recovery technologies are integrated into some of the most commonly used commercially available systems. Particular configurations that are most commonly used in high-performance buildings and how they can best be used to meet stretch goals for IEQ and energy efficiency and thermal comfort will be examined with respect to established performance metrics, peak performance results and annual energy savings. A variety of different dedicated outdoor air systems, neutral air systems and enhanced dehumidification strategies (with single and multiple heat exchangers) will be examined in detail, along with the advantages and important considerations for using air-to-air energy recovery in many different applications. Best practices for mechanical design, exchanger selection and control strategies will be discussed throughout. Participants should attend this course who are interested in learning how to evaluate different DOAS systems incorporating air-to-air energy recovery and how to avoid common errors in equipment design while simultaneously being able to evaluate these systems beyond just peak performance.

Recommended Reference: Standard 84-2013, Method of Testing Air-to-Air Heat/Energy Exchangers

Course Instructor

Paul Pieper, P.Eng., Member ASHRAE >>