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ASHRAE membership is open to any person associated with heating, ventilation, air conditioning or refrigeration. ASHRAE is unique because its membership is drawn from a wide range of disciplines relating to the HVAC&R field. Over 56,000 individuals from more than 100 nations belong to the Society.

Discounts on Publications

ASHRAE members earn 15% off publications. Hundreds of titles are available including the complete collection of ASHRAE Standards including 90.1, 62.1 and 189.1.

Develop Leadership Skills

When you join ASHRAE, you are making an investment in yourself. When you become active in the Society by giving your time and sharing your knowledge, you get even more out of that investment.

Network with Industry Professionals

Each month, all over the world, ASHRAE chapters convene for an informational program featuring a speaker or topic that is key to professionals in the industry. Meet with your peers and share ideas.
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Resources & Publications

ASHRAE Journal Article Index 2014

Air Distribution

Conditioning Challenges: Lobbies and Atriums.
Dan Int- Hout. P. 49. Feb.

Face Velocity Considerations in Air Handler Selection.
Kent W. Peterson. P. 56. May.

High Performance Air-Distribution Systems.
Dan Int-Hout. P. 82. Mar.


Putting bEQ in Practice. 
Ross Montgomery, Timothy G. Wentz. P. 62. May.

Building Automation Systems

Decoding the World of BAS Security.
Phil Zito. P. 60. Sept.

Building Sciences

Cool Hand Luke Meets Attics.
Joseph W. Lstiburek. P. 52. Apr.

Deep-Dish Retrofits.
Joseph W. Lstiburek. P. 38. Aug.

Great Moments in Building Science.
Joseph W. Lstiburek. P. 44. Mar.

How Buildings Stack Up.
Joseph W. Lstiburek. P. 42. Feb.

Luftwaffe, Ballast and Shipping Containers.
Joseph W. Lstiburek. P. 46. July.

Net Zero Houses.
Joseph W. Lstiburek. P. 44. Oct.

Tailor Made.
Joseph W. Lstiburek, P. 46. Sept.

Walking the Plank.
Joseph W. Lstiburek. P. 44. Nov.

Central Plants

Texas Hospital Central Plant Redesign. 
Bruce L. Flaniken. P. 36. Jan.

Chilled Beams

Chilled Beams Selection. 
Dan Int-Hout and Lilli Wilbar. P. 58. Nov.


Air-Cooled Chillers for Las Vegas Revisited. 
Ronald H. Howell, Donald W. Land, John M. Land. P. 36. Dec.

Constant-Speed vs. Variable-Speed Chillers. Brian Sullivan.
P. 64. Dec.

Improving Performance of Large Chilled Water Plants.
Kent W. Peterson. P. 52. Jan.

Simplified Chiller Sequencing.
Marshall Seymore. P. 24. Oct.


Overlooked Code Requirements.
Stephen W. Duda. P. 32. Dec.

Cooling Towers

Cold Weather Operation of Cooling Towers. 
Paul Lindahl. P. 26. Mar.

Effect of Heat Rejection Load and Wet Bulb on Cooling Tower Performance. 
Mick Schwedler. P. 16. Jan.

Saving Energy With Cooling Towers. 
Frank Morrison. P. 34. Feb.

Commercial Kitchens

60 Years of Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression. 
Bill Griffin, Mike Morgan. P. 48. June.

90.1 and Designing High Performance Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Systems. 
Don Fisher, Rich Swierczyna. P. 12. Nov.


Technical vs. Process Commissioning: Design Phase Commissioning.
Dave McFarlane, Thomas Farmer. P. 52. Feb.

Technical vs. Process Commissioning: Pre-Functional Testing.
Dave McFarlane. P. 44. Apr.

Technical vs. Process Commissioning: Final Exam: Functional Performance Testing. 
Dave McFarlane. P. 14. June.

Technical vs. Process Commissioning: Measurement and Verification.
Scott Gordon, Dave McFarlane. P. 32. Aug.

Technical vs. Process Commissioning: Ongoing Commissioning.
Dave McFarlane, Scott Gordon. P. 26. Nov.


Avoid Outdated Condenser Water Rules-of-Thumb.
Stephen W. Duda. P. 50. Mar.


Codes & Damper Testing. 
Larry Felker. P. 76. Oct.

Fire & Smoke Damper Application Requirements. 
Stephen W. Duda. P. 42. July.

Data Centers

Creating A Perfect Storm. 
Donald L. Beaty, David Quirk. P. 142. Dec.

Digital Revolution Impact, Part 1.
Donald L. Beaty. P. 84. Sept.

Free Cooling for Data Center.
Mukesh K. Khattar. P. 60. Oct.

Global Data Centers. 
Donald L. Beaty. P. 74. Jan.

Is Software-Defined Data Center Next Reality?
Donald L. Beaty. P. 58. Feb.

IT Equipment Load Trends, Part 1.
Donald L. Beaty. P. 74. Mar.

IT Equipment Load Trends, Part 2. 
Donald L. Beaty. P. 84. Apr.

IT Equipment Load Trends, Part 3.
Donald L. Beaty. P. 95. May.

IT Equipment Load Trends, Part 4.
Donald L. Beaty. P. 82. June.

Liquid Cooling Guidelines. 
Donald L. Beaty. P. 82. Oct.

X-Factor Explained. 
Donald L. Beaty. P. 83. Nov.

Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems

Do All DOAS Configurations Provide the Same Benefits?
Shihan Deng, Josephine Lau, Jae-Weon Jeong. P. 22. July.

Variable Volume DOAS Fan-Powered Terminal Unit.
Dan Int-Hout, Lilli Wilbar. P. 70. Aug.


The Deal About Duct Lining. Dan Int-Hout. P. 98. May.


How to Design & Control Waterside Economizers. 
Steven T. Taylor. P. 30. June.

Select & Control Economizer Dampers in VAV Systems.
Steven T. Taylor. P. 50. Nov.

Waterside Economizers & 90.1.
Daniel H. Nall. P. 46. Aug.


Shaping the Next...Building and Energy.
P. 24. Jan.

Energy Modeling

Buildings of the Future. 
Javad Khazaii. P. 68. Dec.

Improving Infiltration in Energy Modeling.
Lisa C. Ng, Andrew K. Persily, Steven J. Emmerich. P. 70. July.

Modeled vs. Real Utility Data. 
Jared A. Higgins. P. 93. Apr.

Modeling Real vs. Imaginary.
Javad Khazaii. P. 96. Mar.

New 90.1 and Modeling.
Jared A. Higgins. P. 68. Feb.

Performing Probabilistic Energy Modeling. 
Javad Khazaii. P. 65. Jan.

Exhaust Systems

Restroom Exhaust Systems.
Steven T. Taylor. P. 28. Feb.


Adding More Fan Power Can Be a Good Thing. 
Ronnie Moffitt. P 44. May.

Return Fans in VAV Systems. 
Steven T. Taylor. P. 54. Oct.

Fault Detection

Detecting Faults in Hong Kong High-Rise. 
Youming Chen, Haitao Wang, Cary W.H. Chan, Jianying Qin. P. 46. Jan.


Ground Source Heat Pumps in Texas School District.
Steve Kavanaugh. P. 34. Oct.

Performance of HVAC Systems at ASHRAE HQ, Part 1.
L.E. Southard, Xiaobing Liu, J.D. Spitler. P. 14. Sept.

Performance of HVAC Systems at ASHRAE HQ, Part 2.
L.E. Southard, Xiaobing Liu, J.D. Spitler. P. 12. Dec.

Health Care

Bioaerosols in Health-Care Environments.
Kevin Grosskopf, Ehsan Mousavi. P. 22. Aug.

Current Trends for Health-Care Ventilation.
Paul Ninomura, Chris Rousseau, Tyler Ninomura. P. 32. Apr.

Energy Savings for Senior Care Center.
Pascal Michaud, Sebastian Maynard. P. 60. June.

Improving Operating Room Contamination Control.
Jennifer A. Wagner, Kevin J. Schreiber, Ralph Cohen. P. 18. Feb.

Hydronic Heat Recovery in Health Care.
Jeremy Mc-Clanathan. P. 24. June.

Heat Recovery

Heat Recovery for Canadian Building.
Geneviève Lussier. P. 48. Dec.


Alternatives to Vapor-Compression HVAC Technology.
William Goetzler, Robert Zogg, Jim Young, Caitlin Johnson. P 12. Oct


CO and Portable Generators.
Steven J. Emmerich, Andrew K. Persily, Liangzhu (Leon) Wang. P. 92. Sept.

Hazards of E-Cigarettes.
Francis (Bud) J. Offermann. P. 38. June.

IAQ at Construction Sites. 
Lan Chi Nguyen Weekes, Donald Weekes. P. 94. Apr.

Ventilation, Crowds and the Common Cold.
Yuexia Sun, Jan Sundell. P. 62. Feb.

What ASHRAE Says About Infectious Disease. 
Larry Schoen. P. 86. Nov.


Crime Lab Deconstruction. 
David Shumway. P. 66. Apr.

Efficient Labs for University.
Nicolas Lemire, Pierre-Luc Baril, Émilie L'italien Le Blanc. P. 70. Nov.

Energy-Efficient HVAC Systems for Labs. 
Daniel H. Nall. P. 58. Apr.

Low Energy Science Building. 
Steven Hamstra. P. 82. May.


Cheese Factory: Biogas Heats Production.
Gheorghe Mihalache. P. 80. Aug.

Design Build Manufacturing Plant.
Charles E. Gulledge III, Rich S. Conyers, Bradley M. Poe, Charles M. Kibby. P. 32. July.

Packaged Air Conditioners

Improving Operating Efficiency of Packaged Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps.
Srinivas Katipamula, Weimin Wang, Mira Vowles. P. 36. Mar.


Controlling Condensation on CWP Insulation. 
Ed Light, James Bailey. P. 24. Dec.

Underground Piping Systems. 
Kent W. Peterson. P. 54. Sept.

Radiant Systems

VAV vs. Radiant: Side-by-Side Comparison.
Guruprakash Sastry, Peter Rumsey. P. 16. May.


Bring on the Subsidy. 
Andy Pearson. P. 46. Dec.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Midgley. 
Andy Pearson. P. 60. May.

Heat Pumps: The Brutal Truth. 
Andy Pearson. P. 76. Nov.

How Low Can You Go?
Andy Pearson. P. 69. Aug.

Rattling the Chain.
Andy Pearson. P. 74. Feb.

Sparkling Water. 
Andy Pearson. P. 58. July.

Still Water. 
Andy Pearson. P. 46. June.

Strangeness and Charm. 
Andy Pearson. P. 73. Sept.

Totally Absorbing. 
Andy Pearson. P. 74. Apr.

Understanding Performance. 
Andy Pearson. P. 86. Oct. Water,

Water Everywhere.
Andy Pearson. P. 62. Mar.

What Does Safety Cost? 
Andy Pearson. P. 64. Jan.


Residential Energy Efficiency. 
Darren Dageforde. P. 62. Aug.

Affordable and Efficient. 
Andrew Pape-Salmon, Ed McNamara, Ariel Levy. P. 56. Dec.


Revamping Ho-Hum Strip Mall.
Shawn Oram. P. 64. Nov.


Understanding Salaries in the A/E Industry.
Kate Allen. P. 12. Feb.


Climate-Adapted Design for California School.
Brent Eubanks, Glenn Friedman. P. 72. May.


Proper Specification of Air Terminal Units. 
David A. John. P. 26. Sept.

Specifying... Or Equal.
Kenneth M. Elovitz. P. 54. Aug.


Aligning IECC and Standard 90.1.
Steve Ferguson. P. 56. Mar.

Celebrating 100 Years of ASHRAE Standard 15. 
Douglas T. Reindl. P. 36. Nov.

Compliance to Standard 55. 
Dan Int-Hout. P. 90. Apr.

Standard 62.1 Update & Plans.
Roger Hedrick. P. 86. Aug.


Designing for Sustainability. 
Jacques Lagacé. P. 22. Apr.

Future Climate Impacts On Building Design. 
Scott Schuetter, Lee DeBaillie, Doug Ahl. P. 36. Sept.

High-Rise Energy Efficiency. 
Shengwei Wang, Wai-Keung Pau. P. 60. July.

Learning by Experiencing. 
Tim McGinn. P. 74. Sept.

Lessons Learned from ASHRAE HQ Renovation. 
Michael R. Vaughn. P. 14. Apr.

Small Building, Vast Potential. 
Fred Betz, Jimmy Yoshida, Scott Easton. P. 64. Mar.

Sustainable Stewardship. 
Scott Bowman, Carey Nagle. P. 70. Oct.

Variable Air Volume

VAV Coils, Fan Coil Devices. 
Dan Int-Hout. P. 58. Jan.

VAV vs. Radiant: Side-by-Side Comparison.
Guruprakash Sastry, Peter Rumsey. P. 16. May.

Return Fans in VAV Systems. 
Steven T. Taylor. P. 54. Oct.

Variable Frequency Drive

Overestimating Energy and Cost Savings of Installing VFDs. 
Adam K. Wolfe. P. 16. July.

Performance of HVAC Systems at ASHRAE HQ, Part 1. 
L.E. Southard, Xiaobing Liu, J.D. Spitler. P. 14. Sept.

Performance of HVAC Systems at ASHRAE HQ, Part 2.
Southard, Xiaobing Liu, J.D. Spitler. P. 12. Dec.