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ASHRAE membership is open to any person associated with heating, ventilation, air conditioning or refrigeration. ASHRAE is unique because its membership is drawn from a wide range of disciplines relating to the HVAC&R field. Over 56,000 individuals from more than 100 nations belong to the Society.

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ASHRAE members earn 15% off publications. Hundreds of titles are available including the complete collection of ASHRAE Standards including 90.1, 62.1 and 189.1.

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When you join ASHRAE, you are making an investment in yourself. When you become active in the Society by giving your time and sharing your knowledge, you get even more out of that investment.

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Each month, all over the world, ASHRAE chapters convene for an informational program featuring a speaker or topic that is key to professionals in the industry. Meet with your peers and share ideas.
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Resources & Publications

ASHRAE Journal Article Index 2016

Air Distribution

Air Filter Performance: New Method for Testing. 
Paolo Tronville, Richard Rivers. P.14. May.

Selecting Ventilation Air Filters to Reduce PM2.5 of Outdoor Origin. 
Brent Stephens, Terry Brennan, Lew Harriman. P.12. September.


Central Air for Planes at Gates.
Ken A. Warren. P.62. June.


BACnet is in a "Family Way." 
Scott Ziegenfus. P.100. September.

Campus Challenge, Part 2: Benefits and Challenges of BACnet.
Ken Masica. P.60. January.


Biomass-Fueled Appliances.
Patricia Mason Fritz. P.90. September.

Building Automation Systems

Sequence of Operation for Mission Critical Building Automation Systems.
Edward L. Gutowski. P.28. July.

Building Pressure

Impact of Stack Effect on Building Static Pressure Measurement.
Richard Fahnline. P.26. October.

Building Sciences

Air Sealing and Compartmentalizing Town Houses and Row Houses. 
Joseph W. Lstiburek. P.76. September.

All Decked Out. 
Joseph W. Lstiburek. P.62. March.

Exhaust-Only Ventilation Does Not Work. 
Joseph W. Lstiburek. P.68. August.

General Limit States Design, Hygrothermal Analysis.
Joseph W. Lstiburek. P.62. December.

Flanged Windows and Foam Plastic Insulating Sheathing.
Joseph W. Lstiburek. P.68. November.

Hot and Wet But Dry. 
Joseph W. Lstiburek. P.72. June.

How Buildings Age.
Joseph W. Lstiburek. P.76. May.

How Come Double Vapor Barriers Work?
Joseph W. Lstiburek. P.52. January.

No Good Deed Shall Go Unpunished... 
Joseph W. Lstiburek. P.56. July.

No Sweat: Condensation and Ductwork.
Joseph W. Lstiburek. P.62. April.

Ping Pong Water and the Chemical Engineer.
Joseph W. Lstiburek. P.62. October.


Engineering Business Ethics.
John Clark. P.74. February.

Financial Performance Impacts Compensation Option.
Kate Allen. P.26. February.


Optimum Placement For Air-Cooled Chillers.
Kishor Khankari. P.18. January.

Commercial Kitchens

Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression Solutions. 
Bill Griffin, Mike Morgan. P.14. November.


Commissioning and Design for 2016 Olympics.
Ross D. Montgomery, Walter R. Lenz. P.14. July.


Using Seawater for Urban Renewal Project.
Giacomo Favaro, Luigi De Rossi, Damiano Rossi. P.68. April.

Data Analysis

Big Data Analytics in the Building Industry. 
Michael A. Berger, Paul A. Mathew, Travis Walter. P.38. July.

Data Analytics from Cradle to Grave. 
Adam Rohloff, Jim Meacham. P.34. February.

Data Centers

De-Risking Data Center Temperature Increases, Part 1.
Don Beaty, David Quirk. P.74. January.

De-Risking Data Center Temperature Increases, Part 2.
Don Beaty, David Quirk. P.70. March.

Supercomputers, Super Efficiency. 
Aaron Andersen. Terry Autry. P.38. January.

Demand Control Ventilation

Applying Demand-Controlled Ventilation.
Josephine Lau, Xingbin Lin. P.18. January.


Design Considerations for Dedicated OA Systems.
Hugh Crowther, Yi Teng Ma. P.30. March.


Understanding Duct Rumble. 
John A. Paulauskis. P.40. December.


Improving Commercial Building Energy Performance.
Lee Eng Lock, Toh Eng Shyan, Thomas Hartman. P.40. November.

Energy Modeling

Agent-Based Modeling.
Javad Khazaii. P.62. February.

Modeled Performance Isn't Actual Performance. 
James V. Dirkes, II, Brad Weaver. P.56. May.

Modeling Occupant Behavior.
Javad Khazaii. P.72. October.

Engineer's Notebook

A Critical Look at Cold Supply Air Systems. 
Stephen W. Duda. P.56. December.

Electric Motors for Energy - Efficient HVAC Applications.
Daniel H. Nall. P.70. May.

Engine Cooling for Emergency Power Systems.
Stephen W. Duda. P.54. April.

Explaining to a Layperson How Air Conditioners Work.
Stephen W. Duda. P.62. August.

Direct Expansion or Chilled Water–Which is Better? 
Daniel H. Nall. P.68. September.

Frequently Overlooked Requirements of 90.1-2013.
Daniel H. Nall. P.44. January.

Making UFAD Systems Work.
Steven T. Taylor. P.44. March.

Modeling for Improving Variable Flow Piping Design.
Kent W. Peterson. P.68. June.

Open Cooling Tower Design Considerations.
Kent W. Peterson. P.50. February.

"Sweep" Parking Garage Exhaust Systems. 
Steven T. Taylor. P.52. July.

The Fundamentals of Expansion Tanks. 
Steven T. Taylor. P.60. November.

Understanding Airside TAB Measurements. 
Kent W. Peterson, P.56. October.


Energy Performance Comparison of Fans with Variable Speed Drives.
Armin Hauer. P.52. November.


A Simple Approach to Affordable GSHPs.
Steve Kavanaugh, Chris Gray. P.14. April.

Modernized High Performance. 
Sarah Berseth. P.48. August

Sensible Sustainability. 
Tom Marseille, Ben Gozart. P.46. July.

Health Care

A Brief History of Health-Care Ventilation.
Travis English. P.52. June.

Keeping Patients Safe.
Sherry Cantu, Roy F. Chemaly. P.74. August.

Patient Room HVAC: Airflow Path Matters.
Kishor Khankari. P.16. June.

Heat Pipes

Wrap-Around Heat Pipes in Humid Climates. 
David A. John, Drew Elsberry. P.28. November.

Heating Plant

Lessons Learned from Central Heating Plant Upgrade.
Jose R. Rodriguez, P. Eng., Andre Pearson. P.88. November.

Heat Pumps

Saving History, Saving Energy. 
Jonathan Heller. P.26. April.

Heat Recovery

Fusing Form with Efficiency.
Daniel Bourque, Daniel Robert. P.44. April.


A Proposed Full Range Relative Humidity Definition. 
Donald P. Gatley. P.24. March.

Minimum Conditions for Visible Mold Growth. 
George A. Tsongas, Frank Riordan. P.32. September.


Addressing Residential.
Paul W. Francisco, Max Sherman. P.84. May.

Indoor Air Quality in Residential Energy Retrofits. 
Paul W. Francisco. P.80. June.

Introduction to Residential IEQ. 
Robert Bean. P.96. September.

Origins and Evolution of E-Cigarettes. 
Wane A. Baker. P.78. April.

Performance Evaluation for Indoor Passive Panels. 
Zuraimi Sultan. P.66. July.

Residential Ventilation for Existing Buildings.
Rick Karg. P.80. November.

Residential IAQ Guide.
Lawrence J. Schoen. P.80. March.

Resilience and the Indoor Environment. 
Steven J. Emmerich, Andrew K. Persily, Ph.D. P.71. February.


HVAC&R Systems for Mango Pulp Processing. 
Amey Majgaonkar. P.22 September.


Legionnaires' Outbreaks Preventable with Water Management Programs.
Claressa E. Lucas, Laura A. Cooley, Jasen M. Kunz, Laurel E. Garrison. P.84. November.


Electric Motor Efficiencies and VFD Compatibility. 
David A. John. P.56. February.

Net Positive/Net Zero

Net Positive Energy Building. 
Dylan Connelly, Laura Fedoruk. P.56. August.

Net Zero Energy for Pharmacy. 
Jason Robbins, Benjamin Skelton, Steve Sovak, Rob Olden. P.20. July.

Optimizing for Net Positive.
Steven R. Daley. P.46. May.

Passively Net Positive.
Abdel K. Darwich. P.46. September.

Presidential Address

Presidential Address: Adapt Today to Shape Tomorrow.
Tim Wentz. P.14. August.


A Conversation on A2L Refrigerants: Roundtable. 
P.16. Oct.

High-Glide Refrigerant Blends and System Retrofits, Part 1. 
John Withouse. P.46. November.

High-Glide Refrigerant Blends and System Retrofits, Part 2
John Withouse. P.24. December.


Business, As Usual?
Andy Pearson. P.78. March.

Carbon Dioxide for Industrial Refrigeration.
Donald L. Fenton. P.36. August.

CO2 Refrigeration Systems Evolution For Ice Rinks. 
Jörgen Rogstam. P.34. October.

Creating Utopia or Gomorrah?
Andy Pearson. P.76. April.

Food Price, Quality, Security. 
Andy Pearson. P.100. May.

Food, Glorious Food. 
Andy Pearson. P.49. February.

Godfather of Thermodynamics.
Andy Pearson. P.60. December.

HVAC of the Human Body.
Andy Pearson. P.78. November.

Mission Critical.
Andy Pearson. P.68. October.

No Excuses. 
Andy Pearson. P.64. July.

Quest for Perfect Ice: Ice Making for Curling.
Daniel J. Dettmers. P.18. February.

Remembering Milt Garland. 
Andy Pearson. P.73. January.

Role of Utilities. 
Andy Pearson. P.78. June.

Rooftop Refrigeration Unit Performance. 
Kenneth M. Elovitz. P.34. April.

Strengthening the Cold Chain.
Andy Pearson. P.64. August.

Thaddeus Lowe: Refrigeration Pioneer. 
Andy Pearson. P.86. September.

Understanding Airside TAB Measurements.
Kent W. Peterson. P.56. October.


Resilience and the Indoor Environment. 
Steven J. Emmerich, Andrew K. Persily. P.71. February.

Smoke Control

Managing Smoke in a Correctional Environment. 
Scott McMillan. P.44. June.


Dedicated to Efficiency. 
Nicolas Lemire, Christelle Proulx, Pierre-Luc Baril, Roselle O. Fredericks. P.54. March.

Lessons from the Ground Up.
Eric (Miao) Yang. P.26. May.

Library for the Future.
Bruce A. Levitt, Lisa J. Sombart. P.56. September.


A Conversation on Standard 90.1: Roundtable.
P.34. December.

A Stable Whole Building Performance Method for Standard 90.1, Part 2. 
Michael Rosenberg, Charles Eley. P.28. June.

ASHRAE Standard 90.4: First Look At Energy Standard for Data Centers.
Ron Jarnagin. P.12. October.

Facility Information Model Standard.
Steven T. Bushby, Allen Jones. P.24. August.


Making Security Sustainable.
Frank Shadpour, Jeremy Clifton, Joseph Kilcoyne. P. 50. October

Variable Air Volume

Variable Air Volume System Heat Recovery Economizer.
Nicholas Des Champs, Thomas S. Weaver, Mike C. Scofield. P.34. May.


Hybrid Ventilation in the Netherlands.
Hans Besselink. P.76. October.


Quality of Condensate from Air-Handling Units. 
Diana Glawe, Marilyn Wooten, Dennis Lye. P.14. December.

Water Management Lessons From Flint, Mich. 
William F. McCoy, Kellen R. Utecht. P.88. May.

Waterside Economizer at the Energy–Water Nexus.
Krishna Somayajula, Ayad Al-Shaikh. P.46. December.