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Industry News

Nearly $1 Trillion Projected in Energy-Efficiency Retrofits by 2023
BOULDER, Colo.—Cumulative investment in commercial building energy-efficiency retrofits will total $959 billion from 2014 through 2023, according to a recent report from Navigant Research. “Led by the Asia Pacific region, the global market for energy efficiency commercial building retrofits is expected to grow at more than 7% a year through 2023,” said Eric Bloom, principal research analyst with Navigant Research."While government mandates play an important part in driving this growth, many retrofit projects are being undertaken on a voluntary basis, as corporate sustainability initiatives spread." The payback periods for energy-efficiency retrofit projects are slowly decreasing, according to the report. However, they remain a factor for most building owners and managers. Only 15% of all energy-efficiency retrofits are initiated with increased energy efficiency as the primary motivator, the report concludes.

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'Hot' Chinese Refrigeration Industry Could Have Chilling Impact
SICHUAN, China—The rapid development of the Chinese frozen dumplings industry is likely to impact the global climate, according to a recent article in The New York Times. The article illustrates this growth via the story of Chen Zemin, a billionaire "dumpling mogul." The former doctor used junk mechanical parts to build a patented refrigeration system for his dumpling recipes, enabling him to form China's first frozen food business in 1992. Similar businesses also experienced fast growth, fueled largely by refrigeration-friendly government incentives. The growth of commercial refrigeration in China coincided with rapid growth in the number of residences that own refrigerators. By 2017, China is on track to have five billion ft3 of refrigerated storage capacity, more than even the United States. The changes in the Chinese food industry could become a new factor in climate change. Cooling is currently responsible for 15% of all electricity consumption worldwide, and refrigerants are a major source of greenhouse-gas pollution.

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Gadgets, Apps Changing Energy Consumer Behavior
WORCESTER, Mass.—National Grid, a utility that operates in the northeastern U.S., is launching a pilot program to test a set of technologies that the utility hopes will nudge its customers into cutting their electricity use by more than 5%. The two-year, $44 million program is being rolled out now and will involve 15,000 customers. There is a variety of gadgets that the participants will get to choose from. One is a digital picture frame that also can be used to display energy consumption data and broadcast messages from the utilities, such as energy savings tips or rebates for energy efficiency appliances. According to a Forbes article, the program will act a experiment in behavior modification. For utilities, getting customers to conserve energy helps reduce operational costs. Similar programs are in place throughout the U.S. The software and hardware, such as "smart" thermostats, used in these programs act to keep energy use data conspicuous parts of people's everyday lives.

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CDC Errs On Policy As Well As Handling Dangerous Pathogens
WASHINGTON—Recent revelations about several instances of scientists’ mishandling of dangerous pathogens—including potentially lethal anthrax bacteria and H5N1 bird flu–at the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) were bad enough, according to an opinion piece in Forbes. But testifying before a subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee last week, CDC Director Thomas Frieden confirmed that these were not isolated incidents. no illnesses or fatalities resulted from these mishaps, but the same cannot be said for other, more deliberate actions of the CDC. Deaths have resulted from a conscious, long-standing policy on how to address a common, potentially life-threatening pathogen, Legionella.

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Sept. 8 Deadline for Innovation Award Nominations
WESTPORT, Conn.—Submissions for the 2015 AHR Expo Innovation Awards competition are being accepted through Sept. 8. The Awards are presented to companies displaying the "most innovative new products that provide safer, healthier, more efficient and/or more comfortable environments" at AHR Expo. Sponsored by ASHRAE, AHRI and AHR Expo, the Innovation Awards were created to recognize, encourage and promote new product development in 10 HVAC&R categories. The submissions from exhibitors are reviewed by a panel of judges selected by ASHRAE. Winners of the Innovation Awards will be honored at a special ceremony during the Show at McCormick Place in Chicago, Jan. 26–28. The winning exhibitors will receive special placards to place in their booths at the Show, as well as an award to display at their company headquarters. From the 10 winning entries, one entry will be selected as the 2015 AHR Expo Product of the Year.

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Using Refrigeration Controls to 'Freeze' Cargo Theft
ATHENS, Ga.—Globally, cargo theft is a multibillion-dollar industry. The leading target of cargo thieves in North America is food, typically transported by refrigerated trailers. According to an article in Fleet Equipment magazine, some refrigerated fleet managers are discovering their trailers’ refrigeration-control systems also can help solve cases of cargo theft. "Some [control] features can also provide a surveillance capability to help in instances of theft," said Mark Fragnito, electronics product manager for Carrier Transicold. He said that refrigeration sensors can track other types of trailer activity, such as door openings and refrigeration system fuel levels. In cases where cargo theft is discovered after the fact, the log of door openings may be correlated with chronological and GPS data to determine likely locations where the theft occurred. If fuel-monitoring software records a sudden loss of fuel along a delivery route, it could be an indication of fuel siphoning. Also, the data can be reconciled against receipts to ensure accurate billing.

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In other news...

U.S. DOE to Build 'Field Observatory' to Research Geothermal Energy
Hawaii Seawater AC Project Having Tough Time Finding a Site
Jury Awards $23.6 Billion Punitive Damages in Lawsuit Against Tobacco Company
New Solar Refrigeration System Helping Rural India's Dairy Industry
How Mosquitoes Helped Bring the World Air Conditioning


ASHRAE Changes bEQ Methodology; Extends Special Pricing Offer
To allow greater uniformity for building types seeking an "In Operation" rating under its Building Energy Quotient (bEQ) program, ASHRAE is now using methodology from ASHRAE Standard 100, Energy Efficiency in Existing Buildings, to calculate the rating. Previously, bEQ's In Operation rating relied on Energy Star Portfolio Manager to provide a normalized median energy use index (EUI) for the rating calculation. However, this normalization was only available for those buildings that were covered by Portfolio Manager, so all other building types, such as convenience stores, libraries, fire stations and restaurants, had no methodology for this normalization. Now, the updated bEQ Workbooks use methodology from one of the informative appendices of Standard 100. Given the improvements for the In Operation rating, ASHRAE is offering a four-month limited offer to qualified ASHRAE members, allowing them to submit for two ratings with no registration/submission fee until Nov. 30.

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ASHRAE Launches Terminology Web Page

ASHRAE has launched ASHRAE Terminology, a new comprehensive online glossary of more than 3,700 terms related to the built environment, with a focus on HVAC&R as well as envelope, electrical, lighting, water and energy use, and measurement terms. It replaces a site created in 2012 known as the ASHRAEwiki. “ASHRAE Terminology benefits users by being more streamlined, simpler and more usable compared to the wiki,” said Art Hallstrom, a member of TC 1.6, Terminology. “In addition, the Terminology page has less clutter in that it does not include multiple definitions from multiple standards (for a given term). ASHRAE Terminology is intended for the general user, including the public as well as for technical writers and standards developers.”

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Feature of the Week

Streamlining Energy Simulation to Identify Building Retrofits
By Aleka Pappas, P.E., Member ASHRAE; and Sue Reilly, P.E., Member ASHRAE
According to the authors, developing a streamlined and cost-effective energy modeling process is critical for existing building energy retrofits. The process should provide building owners with accurate and timely information at a reasonable cost to allow them to make informed decisions about implementing energy efficiency improvements.

This article originally was published in November 2011. Click here to download the article. It will be available here through August 14.

After August 14, access to the article from this eNewsletter will no longer be available. It will remain available for free download by members here and for purchase by nonmembers in the ashrae.org online store.

Product News

Heat Pump Packaged System From Modine
RACINE, Wis.—Modine introduces the redesigned Airedale SchoolMate water/ground-source heat pump packaged system in six capacities. The unit offers efficiency, noise reduction and a small footprint. It features the company's patented CF microchannel evaporator coil, which replaces a much larger coil traditionally used in this type of systems. Combined with a reduced refrigerant charge and airside pressure drop, this allows extra space to be opened up for multiple supplemental heat exchangers such as a hot gas reheat coil, hot-water coil or electric heat elements.

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Inline Fan From Greenheck
SCHOFIELD, Wis.—Greenheck introduces the Model EQB mixed-flow inline fan, designed to combine the best properties of centrifugal and vane axial fans. All six sizes of the fan feature a unique octagonal housing manufactured of formed galvanized steel panels coupled with a heavy-gauge steel drive frame that provides exceptional strength and durability. An aluminum mixed flow wheel ensures maximum efficiency and low sound levels.

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Psychrometer/IEQ Monitor From General Tools & Instruments
NEW YORK—The EP8711P 6-in-1 Psychrometer with Enthalpy from General Tools & Instruments is a multifunction instrument designed to easily and accurately measure ambient temperature, relative humidity (RH), dew point, wet bulb temperature, absolute humidity (mixing ratio) and enthalpy in applications such as office buildings, food and equipment storage facilities, computer rooms and labs. The device's probes are designed to enable readings inside ductwork.

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