November 10, 2016: Vol. 15, No. 45 Advancing HVAC&R to Serve Humanity
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Industry News

National Laboratories to Collaborate on New Solar Materials
BERKELEY, Calif.—Five U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) national laboratories will collaborate in a new effort designed to accelerate the development and deployment of innovative, high-performance materials for photovoltaic modules to lower the cost of electricity generated by solar power while increasing field lifetime. The research team will establish and develop DuraMat (Durable Module Materials National Lab Consortium), led by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and co-led by Sandia National Laboratories. DOE’s SunShot Initiative will provide DuraMat with an estimated $30 million over five years, subject to appropriations. DuraMat will use the expertise and capabilities of the national laboratories to develop innovative new materials for module components.

Startup Company Uses Robots With Artificial Intelligence to 3-D Print Large Structures
LONDON—A London-based startup has developed a means to retrofit industrial robots with 3-D printing guns and artificial intelligence algorithms to build large, elaborate structures. Ai Build says the artificial intelligence enables the machines to monitor the fabrication process, and detect and correct errors. The company recently unveiled the 3-D printed Daedalus Pavilion as a showcase of the viability of its custom large-scale 3-D printing robot and learning algorithms. The pavilion, displayed as part of the GPU Technology Conference in Amsterdam, is a 5 m by 5 m by 4.5m (16.4 ft by 16.4 ft by 14.8 ft) structure that was printed in three weeks. Ai Build says it envisions its technology being used for more advanced construction projects in the future.

UAE’s Under-Construction Largest Air-Conditioned Arena to Transform From Stadium to Theater
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates—Ground has been broken in Dubai for a new entertainment venue that will be able to transform itself from a stadium to a theater. The just-announced Dubai Arena will be the region's largest indoor air-conditioned arena. It also will be equipped with automated malleable seats that will be able to retract into the ground when not required and rise when needed. The 500,000 ft2 (46 450 m2) arena will have a seating capacity of around 20,000. The developer says the venue, scheduled for completion in 2018, will become the Emirates' "go-to venue" for large-scale international music concerts and sporting events.

Canada Pledges 100% Renewable Energy Use by Government Buildings by 2025
CALGARY, Alberta—The Canadian federal government has committed to powering all of its buildings and operations using renewable energy sources by 2025. The goal is in support of a broader target to reduce the government’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 40% by 2030. Catherine McKenna, the federal minister of environment and climate change, announced the new commitments at the Canadian Wind Energy Association conference in Calgary earlier this month. In a release, the government said that although the GHG-reduction target is set for 2030, it aspires to meet the goal by as early as 2025. By that date, Public Services and Procurement Canada—the government’s principal building management agency—will purchase 100% of its electricity from renewable energy sources. The government also said that the Department of National Defense will be buying a significant amount of renewable energy.

New York City Mandates Benchmarking, Lighting Retrofits for Midsize Buildings
NEW YORK—Mayor Bill de Blasio recently signed a package of bills that set energy and water benchmarking, lighting retrofitting and submetering requirements for midsize buildings in New York City. The first bill requires midsize building owners to report benchmarking data on their whole building energy and water use to the City. The second bill requires midsize building owners to install submeters in nonresidential tenant spaces and report energy use to the tenant. The third bill requires owners of midsize buildings to retrofit the lighting systems in nonresidential spaces to comply with the New York City Energy Code by 2025. The mayor's office says the bills are expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 250,000 metric tons, and spur retrofits in 16,000 buildings. New York defines a "midsize" building as one between 25,000 ft2 and 50,000 ft2 (2300 m2 and 4600 m2).

In other news...

Paris Climate Agreement Becomes International Law
Commercial HVAC Product Shipments Increase in Latest AHRI Data
San Francisco Sues Developer Over Sinking, Leaning Skyscraper
Alfa Laval Separates Heat Exchanger Product Groups as Part of Major Restructuring
Current Record-Breaking Temperatures Will Be Normal by 2030
Better Global Cold-Chain Infrastructure, Regulations Leading to Growth in Industrial Refrigeration

Feature of the Week

Airtight Buildings: Past, Present and Future
By Wagdy Anis, FAIA, Member ASHRAE
According to the author, misunderstandings of air barriers and airtightness still exist some 30 years after studies on the topic began. This article discusses basic requirements of an air barrier system, explores the history of airtightness requirements, presents the current state of airtight buildings, and provides a look into research to further conserve energy in buildings

This article originally was published in November 2015. Click here to download the article. It will be available here through Nov. 24.

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Product News

Energy Management Services, Software From Schneider Electric
ANDOVER, Mass.—Schneider Electric has introduced Continuous Efficiency, a suite of managed services and software that combines the knowledge of Schneider Electric experts with sophisticated tools and technology. The mix of onsite and remote support and software enables companies to uncover savings opportunities and continuously refine performance. Key features include facility, energy, and interval data collection and analysis. Also, company experts provide remote and on-site consulting.

Fan Controller From SANYO DENKI
TORRANCE, Calif.—SANYO DENKI has launched the San Ace PWM controller, a device for controlling the rotational speed of fans that have pulse-width modulation (PWM) control functionality. It optimally controls the fan rotational speed easily without new circuits, which helps reduce system power consumption and fan noise.

Data Center Air Dispersion System From DuctSox
PEOSTA, Iowa—DuctSox introduces DataSox, acustomizable air displacement ventilation ductwork system with onsite directional-adjustability for effectively and energy-efficiently cooling commercial data center equipment. DataSox is a round, overhead and porous fabric HVAC duct system that distributes a large volume of air down into data center cold aisles. However, it has low velocities that don't upset critical equipment intake and exhaust or room return air containment balances. It also features the flexibility of directional spot cooling capabilities with adjustable nozzles for high wattage servers. The nozzles allow for onsite testing and air balancing for optimum performance.

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