December 8, 2016: Vol. 15, No. 49 Advancing HVAC&R to Serve Humanity
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Industry News

Google to Operate Entirely on Renewable Energy in 2017
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.—In a Dec. 6 announcement, Google said that all of its operations will be powered entirely by renewable energy in 2017. Google is already the world’s largest corporate buyer of renewable electricity, with commitments for 2.6 GW of wind and solar energy. Said Marc Oman, EU energy lead at Google, “We are convinced this is good for business. This is not about greenwashing. This is about locking in prices for us in the long term. Increasingly, renewable energy is the lowest cost option.” The company’s 100% renewable energy commitment does not mean Google will get all its energy directly from wind and solar power. Instead, on an annual basis the amount it purchases from renewable sources will match the electricity its operations consume.

European Commission Drafts Legislative Package Promoting Energy Efficiency, Renewable Sources
BRUSSELS—The European Commission (EC) has released a package of policy proposals aimed at boosting the European Union’s (EU) competitiveness as the world transitions to greater use of renewable energy sources. The ECs “Clean Energy for All Europeans” legislative proposals, announced earlier this month, cover energy efficiency, renewable energy, design of the electricity market, security of electricity supply and governance rules for the EU. In a news release, the EC said "The EU has committed to cut CO2 emissions by at least 40% by 2030 while modernizing the EU's economy and delivering on jobs and growth for all European citizens." It added that the "proposals have three main goals: putting energy-efficiency first, achieving global leadership in renewable energies and providing a fair deal for consumers."

Permanent 'Ice Hotel' Opens North of Arctic Circle
JUKKASJARVI, Sweden—The first permanent ice hotel opened for business earlier this month. Icehotel 365 is located 120 miles (200 km) north of the Arctic Circle. While many seasonal ice hotels exist around the world, Icehotel 365 uses solar cooling to provide a permanent ice experience, even in summer. To keep the space cool during spring and summer, the hotel will use solar panels that harness 75 kWh of electricity from April to August. During these months, the sun in Sweden is almost constant. The temperature in the hotel will be kept at –5°C (23°F) year-round. The hotel has 20 suites, a restaurant, offices, and an ice gallery—all fashioned from snow and ice by artists from around the world.

Schneider Electric, Hewlett Packard Partner on 'Micro Data Centers'
LAS VEGAS—Schneider Electric and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) this week announced a partnership to develop a templated, preconfigured architecture for what is being described as “a micro-modular data center for distributed IT and edge computing.” The HPE Micro Data Center is a complete modular unit that can be assembled quickly on site. It is intended to be operational immediately, as the HPE servers and software, along with Schneider’s infrastructure, will be preprovisioned prior to installation.

Sustainable Roof Proves Not Sustainable as Leaks Force Demolition of UK School
TOTNES, UK—One of Great Britain's first zero-carbon schools has been demolished only six years after it opened because its roof—intended to be a key sustainability feature—constantly leaked. The school buildings were hailed as “visionary” but they started letting in water shortly after construction finished in 2010. The buildings had solar panels to power classrooms, as well as rainwater recycling. However, a government report blamed the design and highlighted "complexities within the rainwater harvesting system." The primary source of problems was a novel sustainable roof that was clad in thin strips of sweet chestnut. The wood was intended to provide a "natural and breathable envelope" without needing any sort of artificial membrane or waterproofing. The school’s more than 300 students have been moved to a collection of temporary buildings.

In other news...

U.S. Department of Commerce Increases Its Duty on Chinese R-134a Shipments to 232.3%
Nine European Nations Discuss 'Leapfrogging' HFCs, Adopting Natural Refrigerants
Microscopic Crystals Clean Contaminated Water
‘Utility Pole of Future’ Features ‘Smart’ LEDs, Photovoltaic Array, Onboard Battery, Vehicle Charging
UTC Climate, Controls & Security to Acquire Indian Energy Management Company EcoEnergy
Program Addresses Indoor Air Quality in Navajo Tribal Homes


Course Explores New Classes of Refrigerants at 2017 ASHRAE Winter Conference
A review of new classes of low global-warming potential (GWP) refrigerants is the focus of a new educational course from ASHRAE Learning Institute (ALI). The course will be presented for the first time at the 2017 ASHRAE Winter Conference, Jan. 28–Feb. 1, in Las Vegas. The course explains how the changing needs of society are creating requirements for new refrigerants to be developed and used. The course also explains the new safety classifications that are being proposed and some of the ramifications of these new classifications. For more information or to register, click here.

Feature of the Week

All-Variable Speed Centrifugal Chiller Plants
By Thomas Hartman, P.E., Member ASHRAE
This article explains at the applications level how variable speed centrifugal chillers can be applied and operated more effectively to enhance their performance in comfort-conditioning chiller plant applications. Furthermore, this article shows that all-variable speed chiller plants (plants in which chillers, condenser pumps, and tower fans all use variable speed drives) can improve plant efficiency significantly without adding capital costs to the chiller plant design.

This article originally was published in June 2014. Click here to download the article. It will be available here through Dec. 22.

After Dec. 22, access to the article from this eNewsletter will no longer be available. It will remain available for free download by members here and for purchase by nonmembers in the online store.

Product News

Chiller From ENGIE Refrigeration
LINDAU, Germany—The new air-cooled QUANTUM A chiller from ENGIE Refrigeration is designed to provide free cooling and normal chiller operation in a compact design. The free cooling modules of the chiller are integrated directly into the machine unit. Therefore, a separate unit is not needed. As a result, when outdoor temperatures are low, the chiller can provide cooling under part-load conditions, even without a compressor running.

Filter Fans From Pentair
ANOKA, Minn.—Pentair has launched the Hoffman Type 12 line of industrial filter fans. The fans are designed to be installed in seconds without tools via the company’s "Click-Fit" technology.

Gas Monitors With Wireless Communication From Industrial Scientific
PITTSBURGH—Industrial Scientific has added LENS Wireless technology to its Ventis Pro Series Multi-Gas and Radius BZ1 Area gas monitors. LENS Wireless technology, based on military ad-hoc mesh networking concepts, enables gas monitors to communicate with each other wirelessly without IT setup, infrastructure, or a central controller.

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