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Industry News

2014 AHR Expo Could be Record-Breaking
WESTPORT, Conn.—Early indications are that the 2014 AHR Expo in New York is on pace to be a record-breaking Show. According to Clay Stevens, president of International Exposition Company, which produces and manages the AHR Expo, more than 90% of the available exhibit space at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center has already been reserved. “Based on these encouraging numbers, we are expecting a sold out Show,” Stevens said. “And due to the steadily improving economy and sheer size of the HVAC&R market in the Northeast, we may set new attendance records.” The last time AHR Expo was in New York, in 2008, it established a then all-time attendance record of more than 39,000 visitors. Including exhibitor personnel, the total number of attendees was more than 57,600. The 2012 Show in Chicago passed it as the largest AHR Expo ever.

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Breakthrough Industrial Carbon Capture Project Launches
PORT ARTHUR, Texas—A hydrogen production company has successfully begun capturing carbon dioxide from industrial operations and is now using that carbon for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and securely storing it underground. At full-scale operation, more than 90% of the carbon dioxide from the product stream of two methane steam reformers—approximately one million metric tons per year—will be delivered for sequestration and EOR. This will lead to an estimated annual increase in oil production of 1.6 to 3.1 million barrels from the West Hastings oil field located about 20 miles (32 km) south of Houston. The approximately $431 million project is supported by a $284 million investment from the U.S. Department of Energy.

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Dead Building Becomes 'Living Lab' for Energy Efficiency
PHILADELPHIA—A World War II-era Philadelphia Navy Yard building has been reinvigorated as a "living lab" of energy efficiency. The building, which had been unoccupied for nearly 20 years, is now headquarters of the Energy Efficient Buildings Hub, the two-year-old federally funded innovation center operated by Pennsylvania State University. The mission of the facility is to help develop "scalable, repeatable, and cost-effective" systems that can be deployed into the real world, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Lighting and heating systems, as well as sensors in the walls to monitor the building's energy performance, all will be of commonly available design. Three parts of the building will use different mechanical systems, which will be contained behind a single glass wall for visitors to view.

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'Academic Redshirting' Program to Help Prepare Engineering Students
WASHINGTON—Eight universities across the U.S. are participating in a new program designed to support undergraduate science and engineering education. The Graduate 10K+ program of National Science Foundation (NSF), in partnership with Intel and GE, makes grants to institutions for projects to improve retention of undergraduates in engineering and computer science. The program follows the collegiate athletic strategy called "redshirting," wherein new students spend a year being prepared for later full participation in their endeavors. The first year of the five-year undergraduate program will be used to acclimate students to university-level courses. The students will receive extra advising and a detailed course plan. The students will then be placed in their school’s regular engineering departments.

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Pakistan Bans AC for Government Offices
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—Pakistan's prime minister has banned the use of air conditioners by government offices to help cope with the country's pervasive energy shortages. The ban went into effect on May 15 and will continue until the energy situation improves. Pakistan faces serious shortages of electricity and natural gas. The ban could make for a very uncomfortable summer since temperatures in Pakistan often reach 104°F (40°C).

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Cornell University to Build Sustainable Campus in New York City
NEW YORK—Cornell University has been given city approval to build the first building planned for Cornell Tech, a new sustainable campus in New York. The new campus will occupy a 12 acre (4.9 ha) site on Roosevelt Island. It will include a number of sustainable building technologies in both the campus and in the surrounding neighborhood. The first phase of construction will be of the university’s main structure, a net zero energy building, as well as a pedestrian connection to Four Freedoms Park, a residence hall, hotel and office space.

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In other news...

Johnson Controls Launches Service to Help Large Companies Reduce Energy Use
Abstracts Sought for 2014 NEBB Annual Conference
Compliance Date for EPA Boiler Rules Approaching This Month
IKEA Launches 769,000 ft2 PV Array at Distribution Center
Iran's Ancient Ice Houses Showcase Sustainable Refrigeration
UK Delays Project to Put Smart Meters in 30 Million Homes

Carbon Dioxide Levels in Atmosphere Approach 400 PPM for First Time

Feature of the Week

Heat Recovery in Retail Refrigeration
By Richard Royal, P.E., Associate Member ASHRAE
According to the author, caution should be used when considering integration of heat from the refrigeration system into HVAC. There is a need to carefully design systems in a way that each system and subsystem can be technically and financially evaluated. Otherwise, the user will unintentionally bundle price and performance as design and technology are bundled. The article provides guidance on design and economic considerations when implementing a retail heat recovery installation.

This article originally was published in February 2010. Click here to download the article. It will be available here through May 30.

After May 30, access to the article from this eNewsletter will no longer be available. It will remain available for free download by members here and for purchase by nonmembers in the online store.

Product News

Cooling Towers From Baltimore Aircoil Company
BALTIMORE—Baltimore Aircoil Company has added new models to the Series 3000 line of cooling towers. The single- and multiple-cell towers are available in a variety of capacities. Models feature the company's EVERTOUGH construction technology for corrosion and wind resistance.

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Data Logging Software From Onset
BOURNE, Mass.—Onset announces a new, enhanced version of the HOBOlink Web-enabled software platform that provides 24/7 data access and remote management for the company's HOBO U30 data logging systems. The new version enables users to schedule automatic delivery of exported data files, in CSV or XLSX format, via email or FTP. Users also can customize the data export by using only certain parameters or time periods.

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Modular Chillers From ClimaCool
OKLAHOMA CITY—UCA Series packaged air-cooled modular chillers from ClimaCool are designed to offer flexible configurations, compact footprints and true N+1 redundancy. The range of 20, 30 and 70 ton (70, 106 and 246 kW) modules support banks of up to 420 tons (1480 kW) and provide efficiencies higher than 10.0 EER at full load.

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