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Industry News

Engineering Grads Face Bright Futures, Says Report
HOUSTON—Seven of the top 10 highest-paid college degrees are in engineering, according to a 2013 report from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). Topping the list of highest-paid engineering degrees is petroleum engineering, with an average starting salary of $93,500. The overall average starting salary for engineering graduates increased 4% to $62,535, making them the highest-paid group of majors in the NACE report. NACE says engineers are rewarded with high salaries because of the high demand for qualified, skilled professionals in those fields. The career prospects for engineers are bright, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. It forecasts engineering jobs as a whole will grow at an 11% rate through 2018.

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Children's Hospital Named First LEED-HC Platinum Building
AUSTIN, Texas—Dell Children’s Medical Center in Austin, Texas, recently received the first Platinum certification under the U.S. Green Building Council's (USGBC) new hospital-specific LEED-HC program. Salvaged materials and efficient, nontoxic medical equipment were primary contributors to the certification. Sixty percent of the materials used to build the $49 million W.H. and Elaine McCarthy South Tower were sourced from salvaged or reused materials. The new tower also features efficient appliances designed to reduce water waste by 38%. The main building became the world's first LEED Platinum-certified hospital in 2008, before LEED-HC was launched in 2011 as a distinct program.

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High-Tech Toilet Can't Keep the Lid on Cyberattacks
TOKYO—A popular "ultra-high-tech human waste handling system" introduced in Japan in spring 2013 has a potentially "crappy" flaw. According to a warning by the information security firm Trustwave, the Satis bluetooth-enabled toilet by the Japanese plumbing company Lixil can be controlled remotely by an Android app. Every Satis toilet has the same hard-coded Bluetooth PIN (0000). That means anyone using the "My Satis" Android app can control any Satis toilet. The potential harm is due to the toilet's automatic lid, built-in sound module, air purifier, or in-bowl spotlight. A Satis unit, if infiltrated, could run up energy bills. The app also controls the toilet’s water pressure settings and bidet feature. Hackers could create another potential annoyance by playing music from the toilet's SD card at undesirable times.

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Grocery Store Opens With Propane Refrigeration System
BRIDGETON, Mo.—Supermarket chain H.E. Butt Grocery Co. (H-E-B) has opened a new store in Austin, Texas, that includes a propane refrigeration system. H-E-B says that the R-290 hydrocarbon (propane) system in the 83,000 ft2 (7700 m2) store will achieve approximately 50% energy reduction compared to the company's typical store refrigeration load. H-E-B also says that the Hussmann-designed system has a simple plug-and-play design similar to home refrigerators “where it is delivered, plugged in and works for 15-20 years without having to think about it.” Hussmann and H-E-B worked with several U.S. government and safety agencies to develop the regulations and approval processes to enable the safe use of propane in a supermarket application. This included optimizing equipment designs based on EPA limitations of 150 grams (0.331 lb) of the refrigerant per system.

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European Commission Offers to Mediate Daimler Auto AC Dispute
BRUSSELS—The European Commission said on Tuesday it would mediate in a dispute over air-conditioning refrigerant in cars manufactured by Daimler by overseeing safety tests. The Commission, the executive body of the European Union, cited the need for a "confidence-building measure." It said it wanted to guarantee the impartiality of an analysis of the coolant being carried out by Germany's motor vehicle department KBA and offered independent technical support for the investigation. Daimler, the parent of Mercedes-Benz, has said its refusal to phase out R-134a is justified by safety concerns over the only available replacement, Honeywell International's R-1234yf. "The main objective will be reassuring manufacturers and the consumers that all means were invested to ensure the principles of objectivity and transparency in the risk assessments," a spokesman said in a statement.

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In other news...

New Research to Help Building Professionals Measure GHGs in Construction
U.S. Investors Could Bring Large German PV Company Out of Bankruptcy
Actress Denise Richards Sues for $1 Million After Botched AC Repairs
Gateway, Trane Open Energy Systems Training 'Living Lab'
Louisiana Utilities Regulators Again Delay Vote on State Energy-Efficiency Program


ASHRAE Awards First Innovative Research Grants
ASHRAE has awarded projects at Purdue University and Oklahoma State University its newly created Innovative Research Grant, which provides funding for research having the potential to significantly advance the state-of-the-art in HVAC&R. The grant carries a base grant of $50,000 per year for two years, with an additional $25,000 available in the third year if matched by an industrial contributor. “Our goal with the new grant is to encourage more out-of-the-box research to complement the research proposed and guided now by ASHRAE technical committees,” said T. Agami Reddi, chair of ASHRAE’s Research Administration Committee.

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Feature of the Week

Designing for IAQ in Natatoriums
By Randy C. Baxter
The purpose of this article is to examine the effects of disinfectant by-products on indoor swimming pool air quality and to propose practical methods for mitigating their impact in conventional (recreational and competition) indoor pools.

This article originally was published in April 2012. Click here to download the article. It will be available here through Aug. 22.

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Product News

Control Valve From Belimo
DANBURY, Conn.—Belimo offers the Energy Valve, a two-way, pressure-independent control valve that optimizes water coil performance. It features a Delta T Manager mode that matches the installed characteristic of the coil to improve coil ΔT. It is also designed to eliminate coil overflow and save pump distribution energy.

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Air-Cooled Chiller From Trane
FAIRFIELD, N.J.—Trane introduces the Trane Stealth air-cooled chiller. Available in the 150 ton to 300 ton (530 kW to 1050 kW) capacity range, the chillers deliver high part-load and full-load efficiencies and low sound levels. The chiller features the company's AdaptiSpeed technology, which integrates a direct-drive, specific-speed screw compressor, permanent-magnet motors and third-generation Trane Adaptive Frequency Drive (AFD3).

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Motorized Damper From Trion
SANFORD, N.C.—The TMD520 motorized damper from Trion is designed to introduce fresh air into the building envelope through an intake damper that is controlled by the unit's microprocessor-based ventilation control interface. The system intelligently controls the amount of outdoor ventilation, promoting healthier indoor air quality.

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