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ASHRAE Membership

ASHRAE membership is open to any person associated with heating, ventilation, air conditioning or refrigeration. ASHRAE is unique because its membership is drawn from a wide range of disciplines relating to the HVAC&R field. Approximately 51,000 individuals from more than 100 nations belong to the Society.

Discounts on Publications

ASHRAE members earn 15% off publications. Hundreds of titles are available including the complete collection of ASHRAE Standards including 90.1, 62.1 and 189.1.
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Develop Leadership Skills

When you join ASHRAE, you are making an investment in yourself. When you become active in the Society by giving your time and sharing your knowledge, you get even more out of that investment.

Network with Industry Professionals

Each month, all over the world, ASHRAE chapters convene for an informational program featuring a speaker or topic that is key to professionals in the industry. Meet with your peers and share ideas.
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0113 Obituaries

 Obituaries - January 2013

ASHRAE predecessor societies: ASHVE, the American Society of Heating and Ventilating Engineers; ASRE, The American Society of Refrigerating Engineers; ASHAE, the American Society of Heating and Air-Conditioning Engineers.


James H. (Jim) Antill

69; Life Member; Coralville, Iowa, 52241; joined ASHRAE in 1974. He served as historian of the Cedar Valley Chapter, previously serving as homepage editor and secretary.


Frederick J. Bittner

88; Life Member; Nashville, Tenn.; joined ASHVE in 1954.


Robert P. Colmer Jr.

87; Life Member; Memphis, Tenn.; joined ASHRAE in 1962. Colmer was a charter member of the Mid-South Section of ASRE when it was founded on July 1, 1953. The Section later merged with the ASHRVE Memphis Chapter to form the ASHRAE Memphis Chapter. He served as president of the Chapter. Colmer was the last member of either of the predecessor societies to remain active in the Memphis Chapter.


Melvin L. Franzel

87; Life Member; Sarasota, Fla.; joined ASHVE in 1949.


Andrew J. Garda

94; Life Member; Huntington Station, N.Y.; joined ASRE in 1953.


Douglas C. Haley

82; Life Member; Oklahoma City, Okla.; joined ASHRAE in 1977.


Clayton J. Hicks

77; Life Member; Edmund, Okla., 73013; joined ASHRAE in 1973.


Robert R. Luhn

88; Life Member; Clarkston, Wash.; joined ASHVE in 1956.


Matthew M. May

42; Member; Boise, Idaho; joined in 1996. May held several positions in the Idaho Chapter, including president in 2003-04. He received an Outstanding Chapter Programs Chair Award from Region IX for 1999-2000.


George E. Meredith

72; Life Member; Perrysburg, Ohio; joined ASHRAE in 1981.


Paul Methot

72; Life Member; Quebec City, Quebec, Canada; joined ASHRAE in 1966.


Tony C. Min

89; Life Member; Greensboro, N.C.; joined ASHRAE in 1975.


Leslie B. Moss Jr.

87; Life Member; Houston, Texas; joined ASHRAE in 1981.


Leslie A. Ratliff Jr.

92; Life Member; Tyler, Texas; joined ASHRAE in 1961.


Matthew G. Ryan

88; Life Member; Portland, Maine; joined ASHRAE in 1966.


Stephen P. Slinn

88; Life Member; West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada;  Member; Nepean, Ontario, Canada; joined ASHRAE in 1989.


T. Robert Stevens

92; Life Member; Tamarac, Fla.; joined ASHVE in 1947.


Robert W. Swint

52; Associate Member; Tarrytown, N.Y.; joined ASHRAE in 2006.


Robert T. Tamblyn

91; Fellow Life Member; North York, Ontario, Canada; joined in 1957. He served as chair of the d the Research and Technical Committees and task groups on systems and operations, energy conservation and tall buildings. He also served on TC 6.9, Thermal Energy Storage, TC 9.12, Tall Buildings, and the Nominating Committee. He received a Distinguished 50-Year Member Award in 2007, a Distinguished Service Award in 1994, the ASHRAE Journal Award in 1977 and was elevated to the grade of Fellow in 1975.


Frederick W. Watt Jr.

82; Life Member; Bossier City, La., 71111; joined ASHRAE in 1964.