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Yea! for YEA Leadership Weekend

Participants in the 2013 YEA Leadership Weekend in Vancouver enjoyed networking and learning opportunities.

By Lee Feigenbaum, Long Island Chapter, Region I

I was fortunate to get a new stamp in my passport and attend spring 2013 Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA) Leadership Weekend in Vancouver, BC, Canada, from April 5-7. This dynamic three-day event included segments that increased personal awareness while calling attention to our similarities and differences in the workplace, leadership development, personal branding, a site visit and discussions about continued leadership opportunities in ASHRAE.

My 1 a.m. arrival in Vancouver was admittedly rough, but it afforded me an excellent opportunity to explore the local economy in the morning before the conference began. The conference formally began with introductions in the afternoon, followed by a guided tour of the Vancouver Convention Center, which the British Columbia Chapter helped to organize. This unique facility sets the standard for green building and has received multiple awards for sustainability. It was a rare privilege to go behind the scenes with both the designing engineer and the building’s chief engineer.

During our tour we viewed the seawater heating and cooling systems, the sophisticated water recovery and on-site treatment systems, and the largest “living roof” in North America. Interestingly, Vancouver had more green space after the convention center was completed than they did before! As the first convention center in the world to earn the U.S. Green Building Council’s highest rating, the Vancouver Convention Center has set a high standard of excellence for others to follow. It was exciting to see the mechanical systems in operation.

On day two we met our facilitator, Ralph Kison. After completing our individual organization performance profile, Kison set out to help us know ourselves better. He revealed some powerful and undeniable insights that pertained to all in attendance. After helping us to “connect the dots” Ralph encouraged us “start with why,” rather than falling into the trap of focusing on “the what” and “the how.” The conversation throughout the day was enthusiastic and engaging…dinner came too soon!

On the third and final day we met with Kison again to discuss our personal branding. He encouraged us to explore the things that distinguish us from others. While it makes sense that this should be a personal exercise, conducting it in a group setting really allowed ideas to flow freely. With such powerful facilitation we covered a lot of ground very quickly and all groups offered their findings to the group before we concluded for the day. My personal brand was “Boom: Problem Solved!” What’s yours?

Sun Tzu offers that a leader who knows himself cannot be defeated. This timeless advice transfers directly to corporate America. Regardless of our role in the HVAC community, understanding our “why” as well as our personal brand is important. When it comes to our success over the long term, people and the relationships we build become more important than our technical prowess and building. Thankfully, the YEA focused in these important soft skills in order to help contribute to a more well-rounded and completely competent person. I highly recommend the YEA Leadership Weekends to all aspiring HVAC professionals. They offer real opportunities to get involved, to contribute meaningfully to the conversation and to become leaders in our industry.