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ASHRAE membership is open to any person associated with heating, ventilation, air conditioning or refrigeration. ASHRAE is unique because its membership is drawn from a wide range of disciplines relating to the HVAC&R field. Approximately 51,000 individuals from more than 100 nations belong to the Society.

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ASHRAE members earn 15% off publications. Hundreds of titles are available including the complete collection of ASHRAE Standards including 90.1, 62.1 and 189.1.
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BOD Approves Council Items in Denver

The following items were approved by the Board of Directors (BOD) at the 2013 Annual Conference, excluding those items discussed by the Board in executive session.

The items come to the Board through the Executive Committee, Publishing and Education Council, Members Council and Technology Council. The councils receive their information from committees and chapters regional conferences. 

Persons seeking more information about any of the items can contact Mary Townsend at mtownsend@ashrae.org.


The BOD approved the 2013 – 14 draft budget for the General Fund, inclusive of council budgets, showing total revenues and expenses with a deficit of $337,400. It also approved the 2013 – 14 budget for the Research Fund showing total revenues and expenses of $4,746,100; approved a discretionary capital expenditure budget of $200,000 for fiscal year 2013 – 14.

Associate Society Alliance

The BOD approved the application of the Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers (PSME) to the ASHRAE Associate Society Alliance.

Rules of the Board

The BOD approved changes to several Rules of the Board including Committee Elections; composition, Professional Development Committee and the Membership Promotion Committee; scope and purpose, Young Engineers in ASHRAE; Standing Rules, Meetings; and Units Policy, Research Journal Subcommittee.

Strategic Plan

The BOD greed development of a new Society strategic plan to be completed no later than June 2014; approved $45,000 to hire a consultant to assist the Board of Directors in the development of a strategic plan 


The Board approved a resolution observing the death of Presidential Member Richard Charles and that the resolution be forwarded to his immediate family.


It was approved by BOD that King & Spalding be retained as legal counsel, Lesesne Capital Management Inc. be approved as investment advisor and Jones & Kolb be approved as Certified Public Accountant, all for fiscal year 2013 – 14. The Board also approved appointments to standing and ad hoc committees for fiscal year 2013 – 14, as well as miscellaneous Society appointments and intersociety representatives.


The Board approved appropriate and required bank resolutions for institutions in which ASHRAE funds are deposited as executed by officers for 2013-14; approved opening a new bank account be opened at SunTrust bank in Atlanta for Region-at-Large funds.

ASHRAE Logo Guide

The BOD amended the Logo Guide to allow ASHRAE Certified Professionals use of an “ASHRAE Certified Professional” logo on Personal Employment/Company Business Cards/Resumes.

Standards Publication

The BOD approved the following standards, guidelines and addenda for publication. For information on when these documents will be available, contact standards.section@ashrae.org.

  • Standard 202P, Commissioning Process for Buildings and Systems.

  • Addenda g, h and i to Guideline 13-2007, Specifying Building Automation Systems.

  • Guideline 33P, Documenting Airflow and Contaminant Transport Modeling Studies.

  • Addenda w, x, ag, ah, ai, aj and ak to Standard 34-2010, Designation and Safety Classification of Refrigerants, Safety Standard for Refrigeration Systems.

  • Standard 41.10-2008R, Standard Methods for Volatile Refrigerant Mass Flow Measurement Using Flowmeters.

  • Addendum i, k, l. m, n, r, o, p and q to Standard 55-2010, Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy.

  • Addenda b, m and o to Standard 62.1-2010, Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality.

  • Addendum a to Standard 84-2013, Method of Testing Air-to-Air Heat/Energ. Exchangers.

  • Addendum af, aj, al, am, aq, ar, av. ax, ay, bd, bc, bg, bi , bj, br, bt, bv, ca, cc, ce, ch, cj, ck, cn, cp, f and w to Standard 90.1-2010, Energy Standard for Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings; also approved addendum cx for withdrawal.

  • Standard 147-2002R, Reducing the Release o. Halogenated Refrigerants from Refrigerating and Air-Conditionin. Equipment and Systems.

  • Addendum . to Standard 161-2007, Air Quality within Commercial Aircraft.

  • Addenda r, u, w, x, z and ab to Standard 170-2008, Ventilation of Health Care Facilities.

  • Standard 182-2008(RA), Method of Testing Absorption Water-Chilling and Water-Heating Packages.

  • Standard 195P, Method of Test for Rating Air Terminal Unit Controls.

  • Standard 206P, Method of Testing for Rating of Multi-Purpose Heat Pumps for Residentia. Space Conditioning and Water Heating.

  •  Addendum b, r, u and z to Standard 189.1-2011, Standard for the Design of High-Performance Green Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings.

Titles, Purposes and Scopes

The BOD approved titles, purposes and scopes and creation of project committees for the following standards and guidelines:

  • Guideline 35P, Method for Determining the Energy Consumption Caused By General Ventilation Air-Cleaning Devices Other Than UV-C and Electrically Powered Air-Cleaning Devices.

  • Standard 213P, Method for Calculating Moist Air Thermodynamic Properties.

  • Standard 189.2P, Standard Standard for the Design of High-Performance, Sustainable Low-Rise Residential Buildings

  • Standard 214P, Standard for Measuring and Expressing Building Energy Performance in a Rating Program.


The Board approved that Standard 211P, Standard for Commercial Building Energy Audits, be cosponsored with the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) with ASHRAE as the lead organization.
The BOD also approved Standard 188P, Prevention of Legionellosis Associated with Building Water Systems, be changed from a non policy-level standard to a policy-level standard.