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ASHRAE Honeymoon: Couple Celebrates Occasion at Annual Conference In Denver

Howard McKew and Lynn Tamburro at their wedding.

DENVER—When Howard McKew set out for ASHRAE’s 2012 Annual Conference, he expected the highlights to include visiting his son and receiving a Distinguished Service Award. He didn’t expect to meet his future wife along the way.

McKew, an ASHRAE Fellow and Life Member, is vice chair of TC 9.1, Large Building Air-Conditioning Systems and a voting member of Task Group 2-HVAC Security.
On June 20, 2012, he flew from his home in Manchester, N.H., to San Antonio, changing planes in Tampa, Fla. His seatmate was Lynn Tamburro of Greenville S.C.

“Those who know me also know that I don’t talk to anyone when I fly,” he said. “I have it planned so that I can read all those HVAC articles I’ve stored up until the plane hits 10,000 feet. At that point I fire up my computer and do my work undisturbed—no phone calls, no interruptions. I once sat next to actress Nicole Kidman and never spoke to her, so sitting next to Lynn was not going to be any different.”

He turned out to be wrong.

“Lynn is a very talkative person and was talking to whoever would listen to her about her life, her divorce and her children,” he said. “For some reason I decided to shut off my computer and talk to her…well, listen to her, since she does all the talking. It turns out we have a lot in common beginning with the same birthday (the date Elvis died) but 10 years apart. She loves to cook, and I had started to become a better cook. She damaged her rotator cuff weight lifting and I was recovering from a similar but less serious rotator cuff injury from weight lifting. She is also very active walking, hiking and biking as I have been since my teenage years. The only difference we seemed to have is that she grew up on the West Coast in California (Lynn has lived in South Carolina for the past 22 years) and I grew up on the East Coast in Massachusetts.”

As they got off the plane in San Antonio, McKew gave Tamburro his business card and asked her to send him a few recipes. In return, she gave him her phone number and email address, clarifying she would not send him the recipes unless he contacted her first.

On McKew’s return trip to San Antonio from visiting his son in Fort Hood on June 23, he called Tamburro.

“We met for coffee at Starbucks,” he said. “I’m a Dunkin Donut coffee drinker so you can see I was compromising again. I left Lynn that day, almost late to receive the Distinguished Service Award from ASHRAE.”

The two agreed they would continue to talk, which they did on a daily basis. In September, he invited Tamburro to visit New Hampshire.

“This liaison continued until I asked her to marry me on Valentine’s Day 2013,” he said. “I picked the day we would get married, which would require us to fly to San Antonio on June 20, one year from the day we met.”

So in June 2013, McKew and Tamburro were married in San Antonio at the home of family friends. They then honeymooned at the 2013 Annual Conference in Denver.

While his planning shows his romantic side, his practical engineering side comes through with his joking observation, “A side note is that I’m hoping to write off my marriage to business since we did travel to ASHRAE.”