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Standards, Research & Technology

Addenda to Standard 135-2004

NOTE: All documents linked from this page are in PDF PDF-format.

 (These descriptions may not be complete and are provided for information only.)

PDF Addendum a (Revise Life Safety Point and Life Safety Zone object types to modify their behavior when placed out of service, p. 1; Add a new entry to History of Revisions, p.598)

PDF Addendum b (135-2004b-1. Add a new Event Log object type, p. 1;
135-2004b-2. Add a new Global Group object type, p. 12. (Removed after third public review);
135-2004b-3. Add a new Trend Log Multiple object type, p. 13;
135-2004b-4. Harmonize the Trend Log object with the new Event Log and Trend Log Multiple objects, p. 26;
135-2004b-5. Define a means for a device to provide a notification that it has restarted, p. 36;
135-2004b-6. Define a means to configure a device to periodically send time synchronization messages, p. 39;
135-2004b-7. Extend the number of character sets supported, p. 41. (Removed after first public review);
135-2004b-8. Enable devices other than alarm recipients to acknowledge alarms, p. 42.;
135-2004b-9. Allow MS/TP BACnet Data Expecting Reply frames to be broadcast, p. 43.;
135-2004b-10. Revise the Clause 5 state machines to handle slow servers, p. 45. (Removed after second public review);
135-2004b-11. Add new Error Codes and specify usage, p. 46;
135-2004b-12. Add new Reliability enumeration to objects with a Reliability property, p. 52)

PDF Addendum c  (Add new Annex N - BACnet/WS WEB SERVICES INTERFACE (NORMATIVE), This annex defines a data model and Web service interface for integrating facility data from disparate data sources with a variety of business management applications; Add new Clause H.6, p.562; Add a new entry to History of Revisions, p.598)

PDF Addendum d (135-2004d-1. Add a new Structured View object type, p. 1.
135-2004d-2. Allow acknowledgement of unseen TO-OFFNORMAL event notifications, p. 7.
135-2004d-3. Relax the Private Transfer and Text Message BIBB requirements, p.8.
135-2004d-4. Exclude LIFE_SAFETY and BUFFER_READY notifications from the Alarm Notifications BIBBs, p. 9.
135-2004d-5. Establish the minimum requirements for a BACnet device with an application layer, p. 11.
135-2004d-6. Remove the requirement for the DM-DOB-A BIBB from the B-OWS and B-BC device profiles, p. 13.
135-2004d-7. Relax mandated values for APDU timeouts and retries when configurable, and change default values, p. 14.
135-2004d-8. Fix EventCount handling error in MS/TP Master Node State Machine, p. 15.
135-2004d-9. Permit routers to use a local network number in Device_Address_Binding, p. 17.
135-2004d-10. Identify conditionally writable properties, p.18.
135-2004d-11. Specify Error returns for the AcknowledgeAlarm service, p.19.)

PDF Addendum e (135-2004e-1. Add a new Load Control object type, p. 1. Add new Clause 12.17, p. 206, and renumber existing Clause 12.17 and subsequent clauses, including tables and figures)

PDF Addendum f (135-2004f-1. Add new Access Door object type, p. 1. Add new Clause 12.X, p. 251)

PDF Addendum m (135-2004m-1. Resolve Foreign Device registration grace period and remaining time ambiguities, p. 1.
135-2004m-2. Improve Clause 5 FillWindow segment timeout constraints, p. 2.
135-2004m-3. Clarify the Priority Filter parameter in the GetEnrollmentSummary service request, p. 4.
135-2004m-4. Allow alarms to be re-acknowledged successfully, p. 5.
135-2004m-5. Add requirements to Alarm and Event BIBBs, p. 6.
135-2004m-6. Remove B-BC requirements for BIBBs without use cases, p. 8.
135-2004m-7. Clarify that a device may support only the ReinitializeDevice restart choices, p. 9.
135-2004m-8. Clarify DeviceCommunicationsControl and ReinitializeDevice interactions, p. 10.
135-2004m-9. Define 'object,' p. 13.
135-2004m-10. Add a Deadband property to the Loop object, p.14.
135-2004m-11. Correct the TO-FAULT conditions in the Life Safety objects' Reliability properties, p. 16.
135-2004m-12. Clarify the Trend Log's acquisition of Status_Flags, p.17.)