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Interpretations to Standard 15-1992

NOTE:  All documents linked from this page are in  PDF-format .

Interpretation IC 15-1992-1 – August 24, 1992, revised December 17, 1992  (Ref. classification of high vs. low probability systems in Section 5)

Interpretation IC 15-1992-2 – December 17, 1992  (Ref. scope of Subsection 2.2(b) and the placement of certain building types among the occupancy categories in Section 4)

Interpretation IC 15-1992-3 – April 2, 1993  (Ref. Subsections 7.4 and 11.13.1; specifically in relation to Footnote a) of Table 2 and Rules 3 and 6 under Subsection 7.4)

Interpretation IC 15-1992-4 – June 27, 1993  (Ref. Subsections 5.2.1 High-Probability Systems, 7.2.4 Ventilated Spaces, and 11.13.4)

Interpretation IC 15-1992-5 – June 27, 1993  (Ref. Subsection 10.4 concerning pressure relief valves used as pressure vessel protection and specifically to Subsection (dual relief valve requirements))

Interpretation IC 15-1992-6 – August 4, 1993  (Ref. Table 2, Sections 7.4.1 and 7.4.2 regarding Group A-3 and B-3 refrigerants)

Interpretation IC 15-1992-7   August 30, 1993  (Ref. Subsection 13.7 Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA))

Interpretation IC 15-1992-8 – October 26, 1993  (Ref. Subsections 5.2.2 Low-Probability System, 7.4.2 General System Application Requirements; 11.13 Machinery Room, General Requirements; Table 1 Refrigerant and Amounts; and Table 2 System Application Requirements)

Interpretation IC 15-1992-9 – December 6, 1993  (Ref. when compliance is required; specifically 2.2  (parts replaced and components added), 13.6 Storing Refrigerant, and and (sensor compliance))

Interpretation IC 15-1992-10 – December 6, 1993  (Ref. Subsection 5.2.1 High Probability Systems and to Interpretation No. IC 15-1992-4)

Interpretation IC 15-1992-11 – January 28, 1994  (Ref. the type of sensor required by for machinery rooms enclosing equipment using Group A1 refrigerants.  This issue was first addressed in interpretation IC 15-1989-1 which was superseded when ASHRAE 15-1992 was published)

Interpretation IC 15-1992-12 – December 17, 1993  (Ref. paragraph 7.2.4 and Table 1, Refrigerant and Amounts)