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MTG.ET Energy Targets


MTG – Energy Targets (MTG-ET) will implement the recommendations from the Energy Targets Ad-hoc committee report dated September 21, 2010.  This includes coordinating efforts in education, modeling, research, standard, marketing, advocacy, fund raising, and Advanced Energy Design Guide (AEDG) development efforts within the Society.  Research project initiation as the sponsoring committee is included in the scope of this MTG.




Position on MTG



Rick Hermans




Jim Fields

Vice Chair



Don Brandt

Professional Development Committee Member


Professional Development Committee

Don Colliver

AEDG Steering Committee Member


AEDG Steering Committee

Dave Conover

SPC 105 Member


SPC 105 Member

Dru Crawley

SPC 189.1 Member


SPC 189.1 Member

Martha Hewett

RAC Member



Randall Jones

Research Promotion Member


Research Promotion

Doug Reindl

Standards Committee Member


Standards Committee


Current Projects, Goals, or Objectives

The following seven task areas will encompass the efforts of MTG.ET:

  1. Education

The education task is to develop a comprehensive education program in conjunction with the Professional Development Committee to promote a common understanding of the Energy Utilization Intensity metric (EUI), as defined through consensus with Std 105, 90.1 and 100 among ASHRAE members and the public.

  1. Research

The research task is to refresh and update the information in NREL/TP-550-41957 “Assessment of the Technical Potential for Achieving Net Zero-Energy Buildings in the Commercial Sector” which was prepared by NREL in 2007.

  1. Standards

The Standards task is to partner with SSPC 90.1 and SSPC 189.1 leadership in preparation of new work plans for these committees with the goal of developing performance parameters within the work plans.  The Ad Hoc report is clear in its recommendation not to impose specific EUI targets on these standards but rather offers suggestions for the committees to consider when preparing for their respective efforts in the next publication cycle.

  1. Marketing

The marketing task is to prepare a series of articles for various publications which describe the efforts and goals of MTG.ET.  These articles should be offered to the ASHRAE Journal, HPAC, CS&E, the NEWS, and others as needed to get the word out on the progress of the implementation effort.

  1. Advanced Energy Design Guides - AEDG

The AEDG task is to work with the AEDG Steering Committee in the development of a plan for the production of the Net-Zero series of design guides.  The purpose of providing this assistance is to impress upon our partner organizations that the AEDGs are the mechanism which will fulfill the Vision 2020 goal of providing design guidance for net-zero energy buildings by 2020.

  1. Advocacy

The advocacy task is to work with the Advocacy Committee in the preparation of Public Policy Position Briefs for use by the Society leadership in its relations with State and Federal governments.

  1. Fundraising

The fundraising task is to raise several million dollars to fund the research and the development of the Net-Zero AEDGs.


Accomplishments, to Date

  • Tentative research project TRP-1651, Development of Maximum Technically Achievable Energy Targets for Commercial Buildings (Ultra Low Energy Use Building Set), is approved and ready to bid. The full project work statement can be accessed through a hyperlink in the Society’s Research Implementation Plan, which is posted on the “Research” page of the ASHRAE website (/technology/page/39). Status:  On-Hold. Earmarked funds are being raised so that project can bid.
  • Sponsored forum at Montreal meeting and invited representatives from Std 105, SPC 166, SPC 90.1, SSPC 189.1, TC 1.6, TC 7.6, NFPA, IES, and DOE  to begin to develop a consensus definition for the building areas that make-up a building’s gross square footage for the purposes of defining Energy Utilization Intensity metric (EUI).  A consensus was reached and the group decided to meet again this fall to evaluate the energy use definition being considered by SPC 105.


MTG.ET currently meets as required between Society meetings via conference call and web meetings.


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