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Evaluating Your Hvac System’s Readiness to Mitigate the Spread of Sars-Cov-2

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Course Length: 3 hours

This course expounds the online ASHRAE COVID-19 details and takes a deeper dive into the materials in the Building Readiness Guide for HVAC systems. The expansion of details discussed in this course will provide a more robust structure for building owners to complete the objectives of their Building Readiness Plan and anticipate the needs of building occupants. 

The ASHRAE Learning Institute developed this course to discuss and apply practical guidance from the Building Readiness Guide. The intent is to help you understand how to analyze your HVAC systems and if the goals of your Building Readiness Plan are being met. Details from this course assist in the re-occupancy of existing buildings through the evaluation of HVAC systems and how they can be altered to improve their ability to mitigate the transmission of a virus, like SARS-CoV-2 that creates the COVID-19 disease. Concerns about your current designs and how to potentially future proof them for the next epidemic will also be discussed.

Course Instructors

Wade Conlan, P.E., Member ASHRAE, LEED® AP, BCxP

Dennis Knight, P.E., Fellow ASHRAE

Sarah Maston, P.E., Member ASHRAE, BCxP

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