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ASHRAE is comprised of 15 regions. Use the map below to find out what region you're located in and then select that region from the list below the map for additional information.

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ASHRAE Regions and Chapters

Download a map of ASHRAE regions and chapters. Updated annually. 


Breakdown by Region and Location of ASHRAE Chapters

pdf_icon.png Chapters by Region with CRC

word_icon.png Chapter Sections and Locations

pdf_icon.png ASHRAE Global Map (October 2021)

Regions Operations Manual

pdf_icon.png Regions Operations Manual (Updated June 26, 2018)

List of ASHRAE Chapters

ASHRAE Chapters are listed alphabetically, including Chapter Name and Number, Geographical Location, Region Number and website, if applicable.

List of ASHRAE Chapters and Homepages


Members who are unable to attend the Winter or Annual ASHRAE meetings can get a similar experience through Chapters Regional Conferences. Some regions host CRCs in the Spring and the rest of the regions hold their CRCs in the Fall.

These conferences provide an excellent opportunity to:

  • interact and network with other members;
  • meet with Board Members and Directors;
  • attend seminars and presentations; and,
  • enjoy special social events and activities over a shorter time period and within a regional setting.

CRC Schedules

Status of Fall and Spring CRC Motions (F = Fall / S = Spring)

page-excel-icon.gif Motions Database – All Regions

CRC Report Templates

ppt.png Region II CRC Sample Report Template

ppt.png Region III CRC Sample Report Template

ppt.png Region VII CRC Sample Report Template

ppt.png Region VIII CRC Sample Report Template

ppt.png Region X CRC Sample Report Template

ppt.png Region XI CRC Sample Report Template

ASHRAE Banners

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