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A Position Document is a Board of Directors-approved document expressing the views of the Society on a specific topic pertaining to public policy.  It includes a concise summary statement and supporting documentation, analysis and/or rationale, and recommendations. For old Position Statements / Documents, please contact Steve Hammerling, shammerling@ashrae.org.

ASHRAE Position Document on Infectious Aerosols (April 14, 2020) (PDF) (Posted April 2020)
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pdf_icon.png Em Português

pdf_icon.png ASHRAE and CIBSE – Resiliency in the Built Environment 

Building Decarbonization (Approved June 26, 2022)
pdf_icon.png In English
pdf_icon.png En Espanol

pdf_icon.png Limiting Indoor Mold and Dampness in Buildings (Revised November 2021)

pdf_icon.png Climate Change (Reaffirmed June 2021)

pdf_icon.png Combustion of Solid Fuels and Indoor Air Quality in Primarily Developing Countries (Reaffirmed Jan 2022)

pdf_icon.png Energy Efficiency in Buildings (Posted January 2020)

pdf_icon.png Environmental Tobacco Smoke (Revised July 2020)

pdf_icon.png Filtration and Air Cleaning  

pdf_icon.png Indoor Air Quality  (Updated July 2020)
pdf_icon.png En Espanol

pdf_icon.png Indoor Carbon Dioxide (Posted March 2022)

pdf_icon.png Refrigerants and their Responsible Use (Reaffirmed June 2020)

pdf_icon.png Unvented Combustion Devices and Indoor Air Quality  (Reaffirmed June 2020)

Multiple copies of ASHRAE position documents are available by contacting ASHRAE’s Publisher. ASHRAE position documents cannot be posted on the Internet without permission.