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This Month's Featured ASHRAE Journal Article Excerpts

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Excerpts of ASHRAE Journal articles are featured each month on the ASHRAE website. Embedded links in each article allow members to access and download the entire article for free and nonmembers to purchase the article through the ASHRAE Technology Portal.

February 2018

Prospects of Powering a Refrigerated Warehouse with Renewable Energy >>
Douglas Reindl, Ph.D., P.E.; Marc Claas; Jake Denison
How feasible is it to power a refrigerated warehouse with renewable energy? This article includes an analysis of the question based on an actual refrigerated warehouse using simulated energy and economic performance of renewable energy technologies.

IEQ Applications: Cleanroom Airlock Performance and Beyond >>
Wei Sun, P.E.
Learn about “contamination migration rate,” a new term used to quantify contamination migration level from a contaminated area into a protective area across barriers such as an airlock.