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ASHRAE Membership

ASHRAE membership is open to any person associated with heating, ventilation, air conditioning or refrigeration. ASHRAE is unique because its membership is drawn from a wide range of disciplines relating to the HVAC&R field. Approximately 51,000 individuals from more than 100 nations belong to the Society.

Discounts on Publications

ASHRAE members earn 15% off publications. Hundreds of titles are available including the complete collection of ASHRAE Standards including 90.1, 62.1 and 189.1.
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Develop Leadership Skills

When you join ASHRAE, you are making an investment in yourself. When you become active in the Society by giving your time and sharing your knowledge, you get even more out of that investment.

Network with Industry Professionals

Each month, all over the world, ASHRAE chapters convene for an informational program featuring a speaker or topic that is key to professionals in the industry. Meet with your peers and share ideas.
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HVAC Design Training in DC

ASHRAE is offering its popular HVAC Design Level  I - Essentials training on August 19–21, 2015 in the Washington DC metro area. Developed by industry-leading professionals  this  interactive course provides the fundamental and technical aspects of HVAC  design in commercial buildings. Accelerate your transformation into a more effective member of your design, construction or facilities maintenance team. Reserve your seat early to gain real-world HVAC  knowledge you can put to immediate use.
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Geothermal HVAC

The 2015 edition of Geothermal Heating and Cooling: Design of Ground-Source Heat Pump Systems is a complete revision. This is an essential guide for HVAC design engineers, design-build contractors, GSHP subcontractors, and energy/construction managers, building owners and architects.  The book provides insights into characteristics of high-quality engineering firms and key information that should be provided by design firms owners competing for GSHP projects and owners evaluating them. Learn More

LowDown Showdown

ASHRAE's fourth Energy Modeling Conference is back again in Atlanta, Ga., September 30–October 2 with a focus on tools for designing high performance buildings for the modeling practitioner. This conference features a new element that brings modelers and software vendors together in an interactive modeling challenge called the "ASHRAE LowDown Showdown." It is sponsored by the Department of Energy and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Note: early bird registration closes August 14. Learn More >>

ASHRAE Journal

2015 – 16 ASHRAE President David Underwood’s presidential theme is Making Connections. The focus of his Making Connections theme will be in three areas—ASHRAE’s volunteer members; our new and future members; and our HVAC&R enterprise communities. Underwood’s presidential address from Atlanta is featured in this edition.


Get Certified in Atlanta

Holding an ASHRAE certification is a distinct honor that has been earned by top professionals in HVAC&R and allied fields and is recognized as a standard of excellence worldwide. To date, ASHRAE has certified more than 2,100 professionals. Take advantage of ASHRAE’s special administration of all six of the certification examinations in conjunction with the Energy Modeling Conference in Atlanta: BEAP; BEMP; CPMP; HFDP; HBDP; OPMP. The exams will be administered  Friday, October 2, 2015, 1:30 pm in Atlanta, Georgia. Learn More >>

Choosing a Pump Type

The most fundamental of all centrifugal pump documents, the performance curve, is packed with information that can be used as an aid in selection and specification of the right equipment. This webinar will teach you to read the pump curve, to know what information is there, and understand how it is formatted, and how to interpret the graphically provided information. You will learn how to use the pump curve to make decisions on the choice of pump and driver sizing, power consumption strategies, and many others. Learn More >>

New BAS Guideline

Guideline 13-2015, Specifying Building Automation Systems, provides designers of building automation systems (BASs) with background information, recommendations for good practice, project considerations, and detailed design of options.  An example specification in Microsoft® Word® format is included. This guideline includes new content on legacy controls, BAS network design, radio frequency (RF) media types, design and construction, network security, and contractor roles and responsibilities. Learn More >>

High Performing Buildings

Learn how the Iowa Utilities Board and Office of Consumer Advocate project team gained employee support of energy-efficiency goals even before the building opened. Integrated design maximizes passive strategies such as daylighting, but employee cooperation, especially involving plug load reduction, has proven key to the project’s exemplary energy performance. 



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