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Events and Conferences

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To have your event considered for inclusion in the calendar, contact ASHRAE Journal’s editorial group at journaleditor@ashrae.org.

See below for upcoming industry events and ASHRAE endorsed events.



  • January

    2024 ASHRAE Winter Conference & AHR Expo Jan 20-24 | Chicago

  • February

    CTI Annual Conference and Expo Feb. 4 – 8 | Houston, TX
    Contact the Cooling Technology Institute at 281-583-4087 or www.cti.org/upcoming-events

  • March

    CMPX March 20 – 22 | Toronto, Canada
    Contact organizers at cmpxshow@newcom.ca or www.cmpxshow.com

  • May

    ABMA Boiler Technology Conference & Expo May 1 – 3 | Aurora, Colorado
    Contact the American Boiler Manufacturers Association at 703-356-7172, info@abma.com or www.abmaboilerexpo.com

  • October

    ASPE Convention & Expo Oct. 18 – 23 | Columbus, Ohio
    Contact the American Society of Plumbing Engineers at 847-296-0002, info@aspe.org or https://expo.aspe.org

Calls for Papers

ASHRAE Journal:
ASHRAE Journal seeks applications articles of 3,000 or fewer words. Submissions are subject to peer reviews and cannot have been published previously. Submit abstracts before sending articles to https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/ashraejournal.

Science and Technology for the Built Environment:
ASHRAE’s Science and Technology for the Built Environment seeks papers on original, completed research not previously published. Papers must discuss how the research contributes to technology. Papers should be about 6,000 words. Abstracts and papers should be submitted on Manuscript Central at www.ashrae.org/manuscriptcentral. Contact Jeffrey D. Spitler, PhD, PE, Editor, at spitler@okstate.edu.

ASHRAE Technical, Conference or Topical Conference papers:
For more information, contact meetings@ashrae.org or tel: 678-539-1137.