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Like all businesses around the globe, ASHRAE must react to the ongoing threat of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Society’s highest priority is the safety and welfare of our volunteers and staff.

As it pertains to the DL program, travel is now optional beginning September 3, 2021. Please review the full DL Travel Policy for additional details. Chapters are encouraged to continue to take advantage of DL expertise using webinars, GoToMeetings or other electronic meeting tools at the discretion of the individual DL. All virtual DL presentations are considered non-allocated visits.

Do you want to be the next ASHRAE expert? Become an ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer (DL)

Please join us for a DL Nomination Information Session.
Date: Friday, November 12, 2021 Time: 10:00 AM-10:30 AM EST

Join Zoom Meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81813942823?pwd=L0VYZ2hjQzVYbDdxNXRHWlNWb3Jzdz09

Meeting ID: 818 1394 2823
Passcode: 640517

Perfect presentation (from Mitchell Swann) for a joint meeting (PSPE & AASHE), which also included highway/civil engineers. This allowed seamless diversity among the entire audience.

Ross (Montgomery) made an extremely positive impression on everyone involved with this lecture. His combination of professionalism and approachability/likeability left us wanting more.

This was one of the most engaging presentations I've attended. It sounded like he (Luke Leung) can speak on other similar related topics. I would like to hear more. Thoroughly enjoyed the presentation!

The Distinguished Lecturer program continues to prove itself as an important asset for running CTTC topics. The topic given by DL Brian Monk paired with the venue perfectly making it our most successful event for 2018-2019.

The overall response to Dr. Khankari was great. He was prepared, engaging, animated, and enjoyable.

Ron's (Jarnagin) perspective on the history and background for ASHRAE standards he has worked on is invaluable. He is professional and personable and has a way of making even dry subjects easy to connect with.

Jim's (Vallort) knowledge of the subject and ability to express it with the Chapter was excellent. Multiple members verbally gave high marks for his presentation abilities and the topic itself.

Devin (Abellon) did a great job explaining the science and application of this type of cooling system. Excellent communication and presentation skills.

Chris (Mathis) did a great job of presenting on why codes and standards matter in not just building performance but on a holistic level with respect to how it affects our total energy and how that affects our environment.

Chris (Edmondson) is one of the most entertaining, enthusiastic and passionate speakers I have heard. He does a great job keeping the audience attentive and interested and communicates his messages very well.

Dr. Keen candidly discussed the ASHRAE bEQ Program, its advantages, and its challenges. Her performance during Q&A was particularly well-done.

Good overall audience participation from our group. Hank Jackson is a dynamic speaker using group activities to make a better presentation. Highly recommended.

The ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturers (DL) Program began in Society Year 1996-97. The purpose of the program is to provide ASHRAE Chapters with lecturers equipped to speak on relevant subjects of interest to ASHRAE members and guests without incurring huge costs. The Distinguished Lecturer Program is supervised by the Chapter Technology Transfer Committee.

2021-22 Allocations

For the 2021-22 Society Year, 195 visits are allocated to the 15 ASHRAE Regions. The CTTC Regional Vice Chair for each Region allocates visits to the Chapters.

Distinguished Lecturer Listings

All Distinguished Lecturers

Distinguished Lecturers by Region

Distinguished Lecturers by Topic
DLs Who Present Standard 62.1
DLs Who Present Standard 90.1
DLs Who Present Standard 189.1

pdf_icon.png DLs Who Present Non-Technical Topics (2019-2020)

Distinguished Lecturer Topics – Complete Listing & Search

The report provided at the link below lists each DL by name and topic. Since DL information is subject to change, please download a new report periodically, and be sure to check the DL’s individual pages for the most complete, up-to-date information.

Access the Complete Listing of Distinguished Lecturer Topics (October 2021)

The search engine below allows you to narrow down available Distinguished Lecturer topics by category (Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced) and keyword(s) in the title.

Different ways to search for topics:

• Use the check boxes to select the desired category (Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced) and enter a keyword
• Enter a keyword(s)
• Select a letter to generate a list of titles that begin with that letter

Access the Distinguished Lecturer Topic Search Engine

Continuing Education Credits

Continuing Education Credits – New York, AIA, & GBCI

Continuing Education Credits for DL Visits in the State Florida

Distinguished Lecturer presentations may be accepted for continuing education credits by the State of Florida. Please check with the Florida Board of Professional Engineers for more information about its continuing education requirements.

Chapters may use the attached sign-in sheet to collect the information needed to report continuing education credits to the State of Florida for DL visits.  Chapters should return the sign-in sheet within 10 days of the DL presentation to chapterprograms@ashrae.org

This Certificate of Attendance may be used for distribution to your DL Program attendees for self-reporting.

Distinguished Lecturer Ratings

Use the report below to review the Lecturers' past evaluation ratings. These scores are provided by the Host Chapter following each Distinguished Lecturer visit.

pdf_icon.png  DL Visit Evaluation Summary (March 2020)

Forms – Chapters

pdf_icon.png Distinguished Lecturer Participation Form (2021-22) (Updated June 2021)

pdf_icon.png Distinguished Lecturer Event Summary Critique Form (Updated May 2016)

pdf_icon.png Distinguished Lecturer Evaluation Form (Updated March 2019)


Submit Digitally

>> Scan the QR code for quick mobile access to submit your Distinguished Lecturerer/ Speaker Evaluation Form.

pdf_icon.png Distinguished Lecturer Speaker Protocol & General Checklist (Updated July 2018)

Forms – Distinguished Lecturer

pdf_icon.png Distinguished Lecturer/Speaker Visit Prep Checklist (Updated July 2018)

pdf_icon.png Distinguished Lecturer Summary Report (2019-2020)

pdf_icon.png Distinguished Lecturer Reimbursement Policy (July 2015)


Follow the steps in the presentation below to bring a Distinguished Lecturer to your next event:

ppt.png How to Schedule a DL Visit (June 2021)

pdf_icon.png How to Schedule a Distinguished Lecturer Visit - Flowchart (February 2015)

pdf_icon.png How to Schedule Non-Allocated Distinguished Lecturer Visit - Flowchart (February 2015)

Other Instructions

pdf_icon.png DL Program Guide

pdf_icon.png Regional Distinguished Lecturer Allocations & Host CTTC Instructions (2021-22)

Keeping Commercialism Out of ASHRAE Presentations

ASHRAE Commercialism Policy

  Introductory Slides for DL Presentations (July 2021)

pdf_icon.png  If a Speaker Cancels ... (March 2019)


pdf_icon.png Distinguished Lecturer Media Kit

 Sample Event Flyer (.jpg) (July 2015)

DL Nominations

Distinguished Lecturer Nomination Form

pdf_icon.png Instructions for Distinguished Lecturer Nomination Form