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The Value of Certification

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There are many reasons to pursue certification. Find your reason.

Employers and Employees- are you interested in learning more about the Value of ASHRAE Certification?
Download an “Executive Summary” of 2021 survey results today.

What do Employees say?

"ASHRAE Certification has provided me with greater recognition.” (72%)
"My credibility in the eyes of my colleagues and supervisor has increased.” (69%)
“My ASHRAE certification has helped improve my career opportunities.” (60%)
"My earning power has increased.” (43%)

What do Employers say?

“ASHRAE Certification is evidence of the level of competence attained by a new hire prospect.” (90%)
“I have greater confidence in the knowledge and skills of ASHRAE-certified job applicants, than uncertified job applicants.” (85%)
"ASHRAE Certification has led to additional business opportunities for my company.” (54%)
“If the project team includes an ASHRAE-certified professional, then the project is more likely to be completed on time and under budget, and fulfill stakeholder requirements for quality.” (52%)

  Convince Your Supervisor

To gain support from your supervisor to pursue an ASHRAE certification, download the letter template.

Certification Pursuit Letter Template