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Training for Companies or Chapters

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ALI offers training that help companies and Chapters close the gap between entry level engineers and seasoned practitioners. ALI arranges for an instructor to visit your location or license use of educational materials.

ASHRAE Learning Institute Courses

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What does the ASHRAE Learning Institute (ALI) provide?

With each full-day professional development seminar or half-day short course, the ALI provides high-quality, authoritative, and credible technical resources – with all content developed through ALI’s peer-review process. In addition, the ALI will provide the instructors for the seminars/courses and a certificate of attendance for each participant.

What does your company or Chapter provide?

Your company will be responsible for providing the facility, audio-visual equipment, food and/or beverages, and communication to and registration for your seminar/course participants.

Your Chapter will be responsible for providing the facility, audio-visual equipment, food and/or beverages, and communication to and registration for your seminar/course participants. If preferred, the Chapter may also contract with an instructor directly. The Chapter may set registration fees as they wish to recover their costs, provide a service to local members, or raise funds for ASHRAE research or other activities.

What will be discussed when the ALI follows up with you?

Seminar/Course & Instructor Availability

Seminars/courses are regularly updated or sometimes discontinued. It is our intention to make you fully aware of the current status of any seminar/course in which you may be interested.

Our instructors are ASHRAE members, college or university faculty, and/or full-time professional engineers. As a result, each instructor’s availability depends greatly on his or her individual schedule.

Seminars/courses can begin as early as 8:00 am and end as late as 5:00 pm (local time). Depending on your preference, this timeframe can include registration/sign-in, continental breakfast, lunch, short breaks, and a brief seminar/course evaluation. The required number of instruction hours will depend on the seminar/course you choose.

Upon selection of program options, a summary will be forwarded for your review. Please note that programs should be selected at least 8 weeks in advance.

General Terms & Conditions

  • Fee Structure
  • Continuing Education Credit
  • Audio/Visual Equipment
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Fee Remittance
  • Professional Services Agreement & Authorized Signature


  • Company Pricing
    Course Type Cost*
    Half-Day Short Course – 1 Instructor $1,675
    Half-Day Short Course – 2 Instructors $3,300
    1-Day Seminar – 1 Instructor $2,750
    1-Day Seminar – 2 Instructors $5,500
    2-Day Seminar – 2 Instructors $9,250

    *Costs include instructor fees and transportation and will be in addition to the material costs. An additional fee of $1,000 per instructor will be charged if international travel is required.

    Course Materials Cost Additional Cost
    Hard copies printed and shipped
    (includes 10)
    $2,075 $39 per copy
    over 10
    Copyright Agreement
    (permission to print <50 copies)
    $1,780 $19 per copy
    over 50

  • Chapter Pricing
    Course Materials Course Materials Only Materials + Instructor (1 day)
    ASHRAE prints and ships
    ( <100 copies)
    $3,075 $4,075
    Chapter prints
    (license to print <100 copies)
    $1,980 $2,980

     *Cost includes instructor fees & transportation. An additional $1,000 per instructor will be charged if international travel is required. If more than 100 copies are required, contact edu@ashrae.org.

Supplemental Course Materials

There is an additional cost for Standards, User’s Manuals, and Guidelines should they be listed as supplemental course materials. A bulk rate discount (20–30%) off the member price can be arranged if you would like to order in advance. There is a 10 item minimum. The individual member price discount still applies should a member participant purchase at a later date.

Cancellation Policy

Should your company or Chapter find it necessary to cancel the professional development program for any reason, please submit a written cancellation notice to the ASHRAE Learning Institute by a pre-determined date (usually 4 weeks prior to the event) stipulated in the Professional Services Agreement, and submit a cancellation fee determined by the pricing option chosen. If written cancellation is not received by the pre-determined date prior to the event, your company or Chapter agrees to reimburse the ALI for all expenses incurred related to the program.

Continuing Education Credit

The ASHRAE Learning Institute (ALI) courses may be accepted for continuing education credits by states, the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI), and other credentialing organizations. Please check with a specific state or organization for more information about its continuing education requirements.

Certificates of Completion for each course will be included for distribution to your participants.


Contact the ASHRAE Learning Institute at edu@ashrae.org when you are ready to begin coordinating your Program. Courses are subject to availability.