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Frequently Asked Questions about Membership

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How are the current dues set?
The Board of Directors sets the dues on advice of the Society Finance Committee.

What should I do if my membership has lapsed and I want to renew?
Former members can either rejoin as a new member (online or via print application) or reinstate. Many former members want to keep their years of tenure, so they choose to reinstate by paying back dues. To reinstate your membership you must contact ASHRAE staff. Each former member’s situation is different, so we want to offer the most suitable reinstatement option. Contact the Member Contact Center at 800-527-4723 (US/Canada) or 404-636-8400 (International) and ask a representative about reinstating your membership. You can also send an email to, with the subject line of ‘Membership Reinstatement.’ If possible, include your former member number.

When do I receive the Handbook?
New Full Members and Associates (full dues paying) receive the 12-month complimentary subscription to the ASHRAE Handbook Online which provides access to all four volumes. These members may also select the Handbook Online as their Annual Member Benefit during the renewal process or purchase the subscription for a nominal fee along with their membership during the renewal process.

If you elected to receive the Handbook PDF as your Member Benefit during the join or renewal process:
The ASHRAE Handbook is a four-part series, with one part of the series updated annually and published in print and PDF each June. Because of this schedule, the Handbook becomes available to those who elected to get it in the June immediately following their membership transaction. Those members that join or renew in the month of June will get the Handbook 12 months after their transaction.

If you selected this benefit, here is how to access it:

  1. In June, an email will be sent to the email address we have on file for you, alerting you to sign in to the ASHRAE Technology Portal using your ASHRAE Member login and password.
  2. Once logged into the Technology Portal, select the ASHRAE Handbook PDF icon (the red lock will change to a green unlock symbol with a successful login).
  3. Once selected, you may view and download the ASHRAE Handbook PDF.

I joined/renewed my membership but didn’t select a benefit. Where do I go?
Login to and in the top right corner select your name and click ‘My Profile’. In your profile, you’ll notice a ‘View/Select Benefit’ button which will direct you to select your annual membership benefit. Please note this option will only show to those who are eligible to receive the benefit (Full dues paying Full Member or Associate grade members).

Why should I advance my membership?
As you advance in your career and expertise it always beneficial to showcase your experience to other ASHRAE members through the status of your member grade. In addition, many technical committees and chapter offices require a certain member grade to participate in certain volunteer positions.

If you are unsure about which grade you qualify for, please see the options available on the "Join" page. 

How do I advance from Associate to Member grade?
To advance from Associate to Full Member, you must update your ASHRAE bio online, and notify that you have an updated bio and wish to be considered for grade advancement. If you are unsure about how to update your Bio online see ‘How do I update my Bio’ below. Once we receive the email request your Bio will be reviewed to ensure you meet the qualifications for Member Grade, and you will be contacted to confirm the status of your advancement.

How do I advance from Affiliate to Associate?
Affiliate Membership is limited to 3 years. Your Affiliate membership is automatically transferred to Associate grade after the 3 year term has expired. No action is needed on your part to transfer. If you would like to advance before the end of your 3 year term, you will be required to pay the balance difference of the two memberships. Affiliates can change to Associate grade early by contacting for assistance.

How do I transfer from Student to Associate membership?
Active Student Members can easily transfer to Associate grade membership by participating in the SmartStart program. The SmartStart program allows active student members to transfer to Associate grade membership for a reduced rate. Only active student members are eligible for the SmartStart program. For more information and to apply for the SmartStart program visit

How do I update my Bio?

  1. Log into your ASHRAE Account.
  2. Choose ‘My Profile’ from the drop-down list under your name.
  3. Select the ‘Biographical Icon' located in the center of the ASHRAE Member Profile page and then add, edit, or delete bio information.

How do I change my address/contact information?

  1. Log into your ASHRAE Account.
  2. Choose ‘My Profile’ from the drop-down list under your name.
  3. Select the ‘Contact Info’ icon located in the center of the ASHRAE Member Profile page and then add, edit, or delete contact information.

How do I change my Chapter?

  1. Log into your ASHRAE Account.
  2. Choose ‘My Profile’ from the drop-down list under your name.
  3. Once the ASHRAE Membership Profile page comes up, go to the bottom of the ‘Membership page’ to the “Change Chapter” Section and make the necessary changes.

What number do I call if I have any additional questions?
The Member Contact Center can be reached at 800-527-4723 (US/Canada) or 404-636-8400 (International) Monday to Friday from 8 AM EST to 5 PM EST.