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Potential Bids—March 2018

ASHRAE is pleased to solicit proposals for 11 new research projects and two re-bid projects. The research project titles are listed below.

  • 1579-TRP, Testing and Evaluation of Ozone Removal Air Cleaning Devices for Improving IAQ;

  • 1707-TRP, Annoyance Thresholds of Tones in Noise as Related to Building Services Equipment;

  • 1720-TRP (Re-Bid),  Validation of Gas Phase Air-Cleaner Performance Test Methods (Standard 145.2) by Laboratory Testing of Commercially Available Filtration Devices;

  • 1740-TRP (Re-Bid), Hydrogen Fluoride Capacity of Desiccants;

  • 1769-TRP, Experimental Evaluation of the Efficiency of V-Belt Drives used on Fans;

  • 1778-TRP, Heat and Moisture Loading from Commercial Dishroom Appliances and Equipment;

  • 1790-TRP, Distribution of Water between Vapor and Liquid Phases of Low GWP Refrigerants;

  • 1794-TRP, White Paper Investigation Relating to the use of Odorants in Flammable Refrigerants;

  • 1800-TRP, Spray Evaporation on Enhanced Tube Bundles with Low GWP Refrigerants and Refrigerant/Miscible Oil Mixtures.

  • 1801-TRP, Standardizing and Utilizing ASHRAE Online BIM Data Exchange Protocols

  • 1814-TRP, Actual Energy Performance of Buildings designed to Comply with ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2010

  • 1819-TRP, CO2 Demand Controlled Ventilation in Multiple Zone VAV Systems with Multiple Recirculation Paths

  • 1823-TRP, Improved Exhaust-to-Intake Dilution (Concentration) Calculation     

In all cases, electronic proposals must be submitted to the ASHRAE Manager of Research and Technical Services (rpbids@ashrae.org) by 8 a.m. EDT, May 15. There will be no extensions and no exceptions.  

The projects are scheduled to begin Sept. 1 or later.

Copies of the requests-for-proposals (RFPs) and sample agreement can be downloaded from the Research page of the ASHRAE website (/technical-resources/research).