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Public Reviews, May 2019

Public Reviews, May 2019

BSR/ASHRAE Standard 23.2- 2014R, Method of Test for Rating the Performance of Positive Displacement Compressors that Operate at Supercritical Pressures of the Refrigerants

The following is under a 45-day public review from April 26 to June 10:

1st Public Review of BSR/ASHRAE Standard 23.2- 2014R

ASHRAE Standard 23.2-2014R prescribes methods for performance testing positive displacement refrigerant compressors and compressor units that operate at supercritical pressures of the refrigerant.

BSR/ASHRAE Standard 37- 2009 (RA), Methods of Testing for Rating Electrically Driven Unitary Air-Conditioning and Heat Pump Equipment

The following is under a 45-day public review from April 5 to May 20:

1st Public Review of BSR/ASHRAE Standard 37

This standard provides test methods and calculations for steady-state, cyclic, and part-load performance and methods for establishing seasonal performance for unitary air-conditioning and heat pump equipment, including single capacity, multiple capacity, variable capacity, unloading, or multiple compressors for ducted and ductless systems.

Standard 84-2013R, Method of Testing Air-to-Air Heat/Energy Exchangers

The following is under a 45-day public review from April 19 to June 3:

1st Public Review of Standard 84-2013R

ASHRAE Standard 84-2013R prescribes the laboratory methods for testing the performance of air-to-air heat and energy exchangers.

BSR/ASHRAE Standard 216P, Methods of Test for Determining Application Data of Overhead Circulator Fans

The following is under a 45-day public review from April 12 to May 27:

2nd Public Review of BSR/ASHRAE Standard 216P

The purpose of ASHRAE Standard 216P is to specify the instrumentation, facilities, test installation methods, and procedures to determine circulator fan application data for occupant thermal comfort in a space.

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