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Job Title: Editor Date: January 13, 2023
Section: ASHRAE Journal Reports To: Director of Publications and Education

Create editorial content for the periodicals comprising ASHRAE Media. This includes magazines and newsletters, digital
editions, and associated web presences and tools. ASHRAE Media content is required to have high relevance and value
for the practice of engineering related to building technology. In fulfilling this role, the editor enhances ASHRAE’s
reputation as an indispensable resource for technological advancement by Society members and the industry at large.
Measurement of reader engagement, web traffic, web response, reader feedback.
  • ASHRAE Journal
  • ASHRAE Journal Podcast
  • ASHRAE Journal Newsletter
  • High Performing Buildings website
  • High Performing Buildings enewsletter
  • HVAC&R Industry enewsletter
  • Insights enewsletter
  1. Plan editorial development in accordance with the published editorial mission statement for each periodical that comprise ASHRAE Media and contribute to new editorial mission statements and revisions as needed.
  2. Coordinate the editorial calendar and editorial themes by soliciting articles to ensure both are fulfilled.
  3. Maintain publication schedules.
  4. Communicate calendars, themes, and articles with advertising group in accordance with promotional deadlines to ensure maximum fiscal performance.
  5. Maintain editorial review, quality, and reader feedback procedures that adhere to industry standards for editorial development and processing and that are in accordance with ASHRAE committee established policies.
  6. Maintain editorial development channels that enable ASHRAE Media to stay abreast of industry and technology trends of interest to the readerships.
  7. Oversee and contribute to graphic creation and presentation of ASHRAE Media that is consistent with branding objectives for ASHRAE Media, the Society in general, and the respective product.
  8. Create special issues, sections, and supplements as assigned, contributing to conceptual planning, editorial development, and production processes to meet deadline and fiscal objectives as outlined by the Director.
  9. Represent ASHRAE Media at industry meetings and events that encourage contributions to ASHRAE Media and that foster collaboration between ASHRAE and other groups, building positive perceptions of ASHRAE contributions to the industry.
  10. Positively interact with Society volunteers and committees, contributing to the development of publishing policies that fulfill ASHRAE’s mission and adhere to ASHRAE’s policy decisions as established by ASHRAE’s volunteer oversight groups.
  11. Take actions that foster ownership of ASHRAE Media by the ASHRAE membership and especially volunteer leadership, to encourage their submission of content and comment.
  12. Manage assigned support staff in a manner which encourages creativity, respect for publishing policies, and communicative integration with publishing and other ASHRAE staff.
  13. Assign tasks and responsibilities to support staff, monitoring successful completion, and taking corrective actions when required.
  14. Maintain positive relationships with authors, volunteers, assigned support staff, and other staff contributing to ASHRAE Media.
  15. Contribute to development of measurement tools to measure readership success of ASHRAE Media and assist in implementing the recommendations resulting from that research.
  16. Complete other publishing and communication related projects as assigned.
  1. Write or secure appropriate Commentary for each issue of ASHRAE Journal.
  2. Solicit and obtain cover photography and art that supports and illustrates themes or special issues.
  3. Supervise and review the efforts of the editorial team to ensure departmental and feature materials meet the expected standards and publication schedules.
  4. Act as staff liaison to committees as assigned.
  5. Identify and resolve, in consultation with the Director of Publications and Education, editorial and publishing policy issues related to ASHRAE Media, including timely notification made to the Director when such concerns are brought to the attention of the editor.
  6. Secure and incorporate articles that flow into the editorial planning process.
  7. Report for publication on industry events, business developments, and technology trends.
This position reports to the Director of Publications and Education. The editor manages and supervises the editorial
team assigned for ASHRAE Media work. Position has extensive contact with publishing services manager and advertising
sales manager, as well as other section heads in the Publishing and Education Department. Membership contact is
through the Publications Committee. Industry contact is through companies manufacturing building technology
products, firms responsible for design; associations for professionals, scientific advancement, or promotion of trade; and
Minimum of a bachelor’s degree, a minimum of 10 years magazine‐related experience. Magazine experience must
include management responsibility for editorial workflow and editorial policy implementation. Staff management
experience required along with ability to report on industry events. Travel is a requirement.