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2024 ASHRAE Decarbonization Conference: Decarbonizing Existing Tall Buildings

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2024 ASHRAE Decarbonization Conference: Decarbonizing Existing Tall Buildings

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The 2024 ASHRAE Decarbonization Conference will be an information and idea exchange between stakeholders in the built environment industry concerning the timely and important topic of reducing carbon emissions from existing buildings in cold climates. The focus for the conference will be replicable decarbonization technical solutions for existing large and tall buildings, where the density of construction makes this sector one of the most difficult to decarbonize. The conference will highlight substantial global activities and research driving decarbonization demonstrations, and technical and financial case studies for large building solutions.

Proposed Conference topics include:

  • Policies and Standards, including building energy codes and Building Performance Standards;
  • Strategic Decarbonization Assessments and Planning, such as staged/phased transition to electrification to fit major capital planning cycles;
  • Case Studies and Practical Insights, highlighting successes and failures of what works, and what does not, in cold climate building electrification;
  • Tall Building solutions and challenges;
  • Cold Climate Design, Construction and Operation Considerations;
  • Heat Recovery, including heat sharing, thermal networks, and strategies to recover wasted thermal energy;
  • Managing Peak Electric Loads from heating with grid flexible solutions;
  • Alternative Financing Solutions