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Code of Ethics

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ASHRAE Code Of Ethics 

1.140 CODE OF ETHICS (18-06-24-8/74-06-23-28/86-06-22-23/07-01-31-16/13-01-30-61)

1.140.001 Ethical Conduct As members of ASHRAE or participants in ASHRAE activities, we pledge to act with honesty, fairness, courtesy, competence, integrity and respect for others in our conduct. We will avoid conflicts of interest, and behavior that is discriminatory and/or harassing.

  1. Efforts of the Society, its members, and its bodies shall be directed at all times to enhancing the public health, safety and welfare.
  2. Members and organized bodies of the Society shall be good stewards of the world’s resources while considering the environmental, financial and human/societal impacts of their actions.
  3. Our products, services and advice shall be offered only in areas where we have competence and expertise.
  4. We shall act with care and competence in all activities, using and developing up to date knowledge and skills.
  5. We shall avoid real or perceived conflicts of interest whenever possible, and disclose them to affected parties when they do exist.
  6. The confidentiality of business affairs, proprietary information, intellectual property, procedures, and restricted Society discussions and materials shall be respected.
  7. Each member is expected to be committed to the ASHRAE Code of Ethics in his or her own professional activities.
  8. Activities crossing national and cultural boundaries shall respect the ethical codes of the seat of the principal activity.
  9. Lack of adherence to the confidentiality requirements of “Executive Sessions” is an ethical violation.
  10. Seeking ethical sanctions against another ASHRAE member in a frivolous or malicious manner is an ethical violation.
  11. Making unfounded malicious statements that are derogatory to a fellow member, staff or the Society is an ethical violation.
  12. Complaint Procedure

Any member who believes that he or she has witnessed or has been subjected to unethical conduct or other violation of this policy should immediately report the matter in accordance with the procedures identified in the ASHRAE Discrimination and Harassment Policy (ROB 1.201.032) and/or the ASHRAE Whistleblower Policy (ROB 1.201.040). ASHRAE will promptly and thoroughly investigate the report and take corrective action, if appropriate. Allegations involving alleged conduct by ASHRAE employees will be investigated in accordance with ASHRAE’s internal human resources policies and procedures. Allegations involving alleged conduct by ASHRAE members will be investigated in accordance with the ROB 3.980 -Enforcement Procedures for Alleged Violations of the ASHRAE Code of Ethics (the “Enforcement Procedures”). Any member found to have violated this policy will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion from membership in accordance with the Enforcement Procedures and ASHRAE’s Bylaws. ASHRAE Members that are “Covered Persons” as defined by the ASHRAE Conflict of Interest Policy are required to disclose conflicts of interest following the procedures identified in the ASHRAE Conflict of Interest Policy (ROB 1.201.007). Failure to disclose a conflict of interest by a Covered Person is an ethical violation subject to the Ethics Enforcement procedures.

ASHRAE Code Of Ethics Enforcement Procedures

Enforcement Procedures for Violation of the ASHRAE Code of Ethics

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