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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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  1. How do I get involved with my local government?
    Contact your GAC Chapter Chair for more information about local activities.
  2. How do I get involved with ASHRAE-related International Government Affairs?
    Please reference the ASHRAE Associate Society Alliance for additional global societies and resources.
  3. Where do I sign-up for ASHRAE Government Affairs Updates?
    Sign up for the bi-weekly enewsletter. You can also access archived ASHRAE Government Affairs Updates.
  4. What are ASHRAE’s views on public policies and political issues?
    Read ASHRAE’s Public Policy Resources for more information.
  5. Where do I find information about energy efficiency policies for public buildings?
    Please visit www.BuildingRating.org to research jurisdictions and compare policies across the globe.
  6. To comply with energy efficiency policies, does ASHRAE offer an energy performance program for buildings?
    Yes, ASHRAE offers an energy performance tool for buildings called BuildingEQ.
  7. How do I get in touch with State Engineer Licensing Board members?
    Please reference ncees.org/licensing-boards for state website and contact information.
  8. What are the state incentives for renewable and energy efficient technologies?
    Please see www.dsireusa.org to find policies and incentives by state.

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