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Yesterday, Tomorrow and Today:
An Oral History of ASHRAE's First 125 Years

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Leading up to ASHRAE’s 125th Anniversary, ASHRAE filmed multiple interviews of ASHRAE members that are a reflection of their often funny, very personal and specific experiences in ASHRAE. Most of all, we hope you will enjoy the enthusiasm and dedication that these members have for the Society!

We will add one new video each week, leading up to the conference, so check back often!

Parts of these interviews, along with other footage, were made into a composite video to debut at the Plenary session of the 2020 Winter Conference in Orlando, but we hope you will enjoy viewing these different shorts that tell the story of ASHRAE.

Bogi Setty on His First Experience with ASHRAE

Bogi talks about riding his bike to the American Consulate to read ASHRAE Standards as a student.

Paul Torcellini on His First ASHRAE Handbook

Paul talks about getting his first-ever ASHRAE Handbook as a student member.

Bassam Elassaad on Old School Tools of the Industry

Bassam talks about what kinds of tools were in his briefcase on his first day of work 40 years ago.

Janice Means on Why Representation Matters

Janice describes a moment of doubt and why it's important to have a place for everyone at the table.

Bern Nagengast Shares His Top Tip for Incoming Members

Bern offers his #1 tip for new ASHRAE members.

Ken Cooper on If ASHRAE Will Exist in 2145

Ken predicts whether or not ASHRAE will be around 125 years from now.