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Conference Sustainability

2024 ASHRAE Winter Conference

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Sustainability and Green Practices are important to ASHRAE’s mission. Please list Sustainable or Green programs and/or practices implemented at your facility. Is your facility compliant with ASHRAE Standard 189.1 (also known as the International Green Construction Code) or certified through any sustainability‐focused organizations (USGBC/LEED, WELL, Green Globes, Living Building Challenge, etc.)? If so, please identify compliance or applicable certifications.

The Marriott Marquis Chicago has committed to Sustainability and Green Practices during the 2024 ASHRAE Winter Conference. The venues have set the following strategies in place to offer a more sustainable conference venue:

  Bottled water. Water bottle filling stations will be available thorughtout the conference floors. 

  Recycling program. There will be an option to recycle your badge at the conference. Additionally, recycling bins will be available throughout the conference floors.

  Single-use bottles. The Marriott Marquis Chicago is on Marriott’s residential amenities program, meaning that they use full sized soap and shampoo dispensers; no small single-use bottles.