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Advertising Contacts

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ASHRAE Media offers its team of consultants to aid you in your outreach to the top leaders of the HVACR industry. Each professional below possesses expert knowledge on the pulse of the industry, integrated marketing and channels to best achieve your company’s KPIs.

Let us know your questions and expectations for your successful marketing program. For immediate assistance, contact Greg Martin at gmartin@ashrae.org.

A. Northeastern U.S. – Nelson-Miller Advertising, Inc.

Denis O'Malley
Email: sales@nelsonmiller.com
Phone: (203) 356-9694 

B. Southeastern U.S. – Millennium Media, Inc.

Doug Fix 
Email: dougfix@mail.ashrae.org
Phone: (770) 740-2078

Lori Gernand-Kirtley
Email: lg@lindenassoc.com
Phone: (281) 855-0470

C. Ohio Valley – Chagrin Valley Media Partners

Tom Lasch
Email: tlasch@larichadv.com
Phone: (440) 247-1060 

D. Midwestern U.S. – Kingwill Company

Baird Kingwill
Email: barry@kingwillco.com
Phone: (847) 537-9196 

Jim Kingwill
Email: jim@kingwillco.com
Phone: (847) 537-9196 

E. Southwestern U.S. – Lindenberger & Associates, Inc.

Gary Lindenberger
Email: gl@lindenassoc.com
Phone: (281) 855-0470 

Lori Gernand-Kirtley
Email: lg@lindenassoc.com
Phone: (281) 855-0470 

F. Canada and Western U.S. – Chagrin Valley Media Partners

Tom Lasch
Email: tlasch@larichadv.com
Phone: (440) 247-1060 


YJP & Valued Media Co., Ltd.
Kwang-il Building #905, Dadong-gil 5
Jung-gu, Seoul, 04521, Korea (Republic of)

YongJin (YJ) Park
Email: hi@YJPvm.kr
Phone: +82-2 3789-6888 | Fax: +82-2 3789-8988

ASHRAE Media Advertising

180 Technology Parkway
Peachtree Corners, GA 30092

Mark Owen  
ASHRAE Director of Publications & Education 
Email: mowen@ashrae.org
Phone: (404) 636-8400 

Greg Martin 
Associate Publisher, ASHRAE Media Advertising
Email: gmartin@ashrae.org
Phone: (678) 539-1174 | Fax: (678) 539-2174

Vanessa Johnson 
Senior Production and Operations Coordinator
Email: vjohnson@ashrae.org
Phone: (678) 539-1166 | Fax: (678) 539-2166

Austin Brafford
Circulation Development Coordinator
Email: abrafford@ashrae.org
Phone: (678) 539-2105

International & Job Board Advertising; Reprint Requests

Greg Martin
Associate Publisher
Email: gmartin@ashrae.org
Phone: (678) 539-1174