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Developing Leader Award

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Developing Leader Award

The YEA Committee is excited to announce the Developing Leader Award. This award is designed to recognize those members who started their involvement as soon as they joined ASHRAE. In the spirit of the ASHRAE Distinguished/Exceptional Service Award, this award is earned by earning points in a variety of categories. More involvement = more points!

In order to qualify for the award, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. You must earn a minimum of 24 points within either:
    1. Five (5) years of your graduation date if you joined ASHRAE as a Student member; or
    2. Five (5) years of your ASHRAE join date if you joined ASHRAE as an Affiliate, Associate or Member.
  2. You must still qualify as a YEA member, meaning you were 35 years of age or younger at the start of the current Society Year.

2021-22 Developing Leader Award Recipients

Congratulations to the following YEA members on receiving the Developing Leader Award in 2021:

Mr Anuj Gupta
Pune Chapter

Dr Jayson F Bursill
Region II
Ottawa Valley Chapter

Christopher Krieps
Region VI
Illinois Chapter

Mrs Chelsea N Moussouni
Region VIII
Alamo Chapter

Mr Bin Lin Sr
Region XIII
Macao Chapter

Mr Vinod Venugopal
Bahrain Chapter

Mr Joshua Vasudevan Eng
Region XIV
UK Midlands Chapter

Mr Jake Kopocis
Region IV
Nebraska Chapter

Mr Harrison Kesling
Region IV
Triangle Chapter


Members may be nominated by an ASHRAE member or may nominate themselves. The deadline for nominations is May 1 and there is no limit on number of recipients per year.

word_icon.png Nomination and Point Tally Form

A completed application/point tally form and digital photo must be submitted with each nomination. Please send all completed nominations and photos to YEA at youngengineers@ashrae.org.

Award Presentation

Award recipients will recognized at the YEA Hospitality Suite during the ASHRAE Winter Conference, which is always held on Sunday during the conference from 4-6pm. Recognition is in the form of a plaque and lapel pin. If an award winner is unable to attend the Winter Conference, then their plaque and lapel pin will be mailed to them. Please note that transportation, accommodations, and conference registration are not covered for award recipients.


If you have any questions, please contact Jeanette McCray at jmccray@ashrae.org or 678-539-1178.